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Check out @NatGeo Instagram feed as National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Society launch Planet or Plastic? (#PlanetorPlastic), kicking off a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis. I will be sharing photographs made on assignment for National Geographic, documenting plastic waste around the globe.
PLASTIC APOCALYPSE - There are millions of slum workers around the world involved in an informal plastic waste industry that is always hiring — an economy with no end in sight. With the shale oil boom, companies like Shell, Dow and others are in the early years of gearing up “cracker plants” that “crack" frack-gas-molecules into mostly single-use-plastic for food packaging. Plans are in the works for more and more cracker plants pushing peak plastic production all the way out to the year 2100. Despite growing concern and much discussion in the media this past year, corporations plan for more and more single-use-plastic in our lives.
In the first photo, a Bangladeshi woman teaches her son how to bail plastic sheeting that has been washed in the river below. The second photo is the world's largest ethylene-cracker plant in Freeport, TX, that produces mostly thin-film-food-packaging. #PlanetorPlastic
These images are part of a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic waste crisis. Learn what you can do to help. Take Your Pledge:

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