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I didn’t notice until today (‘cause I never look at the menu) that one of our local pan-Asian buffet restaurants has frog’s legs (cuisses de grenouilles -frog’s thighs actually). Which means I’ve probably been eating them all along without realizing it was frog’s legs, not chicken. 😄.
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  • 35w ago lina_to_u lina_to_u

    No way???...😂😂😂

  • 35w ago psyckology psyckology

    My grandfather loved them and swore they really did taste a lot like chicken depending on how you prepare them! (We were very not French or fancy, so I thought it was funny that he loved them.)

  • 35w ago makiwi makiwi

    @psyckology They are very easy to eat once you get past the 😱🐸 part 😄

  • 35w ago audydominic audydominic

    LOL. They used to be super popular in Québec too back in the 70s-80s. Very "fancy". Now they're harder to find, and a lot of people are back to thinking "Beurk" at the idea of eating frogs. They're not really that similar to chicken, IMO. They're more like .. I don't know.. alligator maybe, or even some firmer white fish, but without a fishy taste. It's hard to describe, but you wouldn't think they're chicken wings. The meat is too white for that, and the fibres aren't nearly as dense.

  • 32w ago stefafra stefafra

    A very big frog, or a very small chicken :-)

  • 32w ago stefafra stefafra

    Used to be very popular in my bit of Italy, fried in beer batter or milk batter. Quite nice but a bit tedious because of all the little bones..

  • 32w ago stefafra stefafra

    Gone out of fashion as frogs almost disappeared from fields and rice fields because of insecticide use, and needed to be imported... young people now barely remember that it was common to eat frogs.

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