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Like Der Stürmer, the @nytimes is inciting to Jewish genocide. Rewarding bloodthirsty terrorists with glowing reviews encourages more violence against the Jews. @Nytimes braying for fake photo-ops and depicting murdering Hamas terrorists as "children." That is a war crime.


  • 8w ago djohnswholecup djohnswholecup

    Islamic Facist Propaganda ... By Fake News Central!!

  • 8w ago archangels.seraphims archangels.seraphims

    Well it’s clear what side the embarrassment called @nytimes is on. They love terrorists more than law abiding citizens it seems.

  • 8w ago bigjay174 bigjay174

    Disgusting! The liberal press over here in Germany is publishing a similar bullshit.

  • 8w ago instarawet instarawet

    I couldn’t agree more with you @pamelageller!! I think “journalists” should be held accountable for biased, fake news and therefore inciting antisemitism. But in reality how can we make that happen?? Any light??

  • 8w ago actphiladelphia actphiladelphia


  • 8w ago raymond.miller.18294 raymond.miller.18294

    Anti-American news media !

  • 8w ago dixiedancer dixiedancer


  • 8w ago raymond.miller.18294 raymond.miller.18294

    @sbvs2 SO sorry you didn thank GOD ,with out God there would be no world !

  • 8w ago weeknightingale weeknightingale

    they don't want peace they are not even building their own country just bent on total destruction. Such evil mentally ill barbaric generational damaged ideology and un-human and inhuman beings.

  • 8w ago weeknightingale weeknightingale

    The sad part is that there are people who believe all the propaganda.

  • 8w ago auderie auderie


  • 8w ago connie.wetzel connie.wetzel

    What do you exspect out of that Liberal newspaper. That dislike Trump too.

  • 8w ago connie.wetzel connie.wetzel

    bland 13. Do you really believe that? Where does it say that and Where's the facts?

  • 8w ago miri5310 miri5310

    BREAKING: Hamas terrorist who reached the border fence between Gaza and Israel caught on camera explaining how Hamas forces civilians to participate in violence against Israel #HamasLied

  • 8w ago matthew_the_traveler matthew_the_traveler

    This is the type of people that now have come to Europe due to Merkel’s policies. @germanyinusa @franceintheus Shameful!!!

  • 8w ago firebendersoki firebendersoki

    I’m surprised they actually had room left on the cover for the “Sex and Consent on campus” headline. Though not surprised they would virtue signal some progressive anti-white rhetoric.

  • 8w ago sharonschneyer sharonschneyer

    The @nytimes is only good to line the Kitty Box any more😜

  • 8w ago jweiser7 jweiser7

    It’s a fact that all the so called news channels are against Israel and the Jews. They have been doing this for years. Not surprised

  • 8w ago pappyplace pappyplace


  • 8w ago the_neo_dissident the_neo_dissident

    After being kicked out of hundreds of nations, being behind many communist movements, and having your own activist groups calling everyone bigoted for not loving you, maybe it’s not them but it’s you

  • 8w ago jabornstein jabornstein

    So true.

  • 8w ago fauxjournalist fauxjournalist


  • 8w ago mroboid mroboid

    @raymond.miller.18294 come on! Buddy boy, you didn't read his comments, did you. He said....."first and foremost, I would like to thank God, for this opportunity.....etc.." Read b4 you comment.

  • 8w ago gregkarkowsky gregkarkowsky

    This would be unbelievable if it wasn't so real.

  • 8w ago martinbaccetti martinbaccetti


  • 8w ago belkaz_ny belkaz_ny

    Scumbags! Haven’t read them in years!

  • 8w ago samarasbill samarasbill

    What do you expect from this trash news source/news paper...There is a reason I do not read this....I am too intelligent!

  • 8w ago wayne.martin.33046736 wayne.martin.33046736

    New York Times is another group of Liberal Morons!!!

  • 8w ago hotpursuitofficial hotpursuitofficial

    Fuck the NYTIMES 😡😡👍🏻😡

  • 8w ago jameswcolburn jameswcolburn

    Israel has the right to defend themselves. The lib press isn't reporting the attacks by the other side. I saw a video where the Palestinians were using kites to drop grenades into Israel. I would pop a cap in their asses too.

  • 8w ago da_commander da_commander

    Hamas Palestinians have started all the trouble they just couldn’t stay home and mind their own business

  • 8w ago beckydecker1612 beckydecker1612

    Has Hamas and Iran bribed the international MSM & lib leaders to support terrorists???

  • 8w ago jennifertawil jennifertawil

    Deplorable @nytimes you use this platform to BLATANTLY incite hatred for Israel and the Jews.

  • 8w ago fredblack007 fredblack007

    A 21 year old Palestinian is a child but a 13 year old girl is a settler.

  • 8w ago evanbakerdds evanbakerdds

    We’re behind you 💯💯💯💯Pam

  • 8w ago miri5310 miri5310

    Assad is slaughtering Palestinians in Syria and the UN is silent -- because they can't blame Israel.
    This is hypocrisy!

  • 8w ago miri5310 miri5310

    RETWEET: What #Hamas Has Done To #Gaza. #GreatReturnMarch #Nakba70

  • 7w ago 1872pliocene 1872pliocene

    Why do you read this lie sheet?

  • 7w ago amarjit1992 amarjit1992


  • 7w ago mar_prichard mar_prichard

    Shame on you. You better not believe in god because no person who believes in any sort of god would use the brutal murder of innocent children to label a group of people terrorists. Educate yourself on the history of the creation of Palestine! Maybe you’d understand why they are angry! They are prisoners in their own country and at risk of being murdered by Israeli occupant soldiers. Stop acting like Israel does not contribute to the violence. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WERE INJURED AND OVER 50 PEOPLE MURDERED!!! The entire country is not just one big Hamas group. #standwithpalestine

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