Instagram post by @teriktm Teri Schindler

Three’s a crowd. 🍀


  • 30w ago agellzz agellzz

    (Scrolls further down feed) oh, yep, that was the shot! So good to see you, even if only on tv haha

  • 30w ago bates1818 bates1818

    This should go on your wall ! See you in Oakland?!

  • 30w ago tpetrolino tpetrolino

    ❤️ this.

  • 30w ago coco.moxie coco.moxie

    ☘☘☘amazing picture of you three buds!!

  • 30w ago kscalabrine kscalabrine

    That’s awesome!!

  • 30w ago aricciuti_33 aricciuti_33

    Haha love it!!

  • 30w ago teriktm teriktm

    @agellzz reach out and tell me what you’re doing now!

  • 30w ago dtlaich dtlaich

    So very you...thank you

  • 30w ago yowhatupb yowhatupb

    @teriktm I spotted you guys last night and said “mike thinks that’s a goaltend!”

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