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💕🔫 who wants a free skateboard tell me why you want one 💕🔫


  • 9w ago amber_davison_09 amber_davison_09

    You forgo to tag jake on your leg

  • 9w ago lexiandsasha lexiandsasha

    I want it because u touched it and I want a skateboard but no one will buy me one and I really want to make some cool post on a skateboard for Instagram

  • 9w ago mal.078363 mal.078363

    I want one so I can wreck myself.

  • 9w ago

    I want one because I’ve never skated before and you guys have always encouraged us to try new things.

  • 9w ago s.u.m.m.e.r.2006 s.u.m.m.e.r.2006

    I want one because i love your laugh

  • 8w ago queenz_con queenz_con

    Is that Jake on your leg ew

  • 8w ago diegosmith_martin7_ diegosmith_martin7_

    I want one because I always wanted to and love it

  • 8w ago sammyyooo00 sammyyooo00

    I want one because its gonna be hand held by a god❤

  • 8w ago x.rebecca.10x x.rebecca.10x


  • 7w ago eliezermolina_187 eliezermolina_187

    Let’s skate how ab that ‼️

  • 7w ago eliezermolina_187 eliezermolina_187

    @chadtepper ^

  • 7w ago dylan_lewis22_18 dylan_lewis22_18

    I don’t need a new skateboard in fact I got new spitfire wheels today but you are one of my favorite skaters

  • 7w ago ticherat11 ticherat11

    Yes I need a skate board so bad

  • 7w ago tess_2174 tess_2174

    I would love a free skateboard because I would love to learn more skateboard tricks and my skateboard is in really bad condition I have a giant crack down the side of my deck. That’s why I would love a free skateboard.

  • 7w ago 19freshta19 19freshta19

    Your posture

  • 6w ago bruhitzelliek bruhitzelliek

    You forgot to tag Jake lols

  • 6w ago naralielovesjakepaulandteam10 naralielovesjakepaulandteam10

    I need a skate board because mine got stolen

  • 5w ago kingstaman94 kingstaman94

    @iamjasonadrian this guy has a Jake Paul tatoo on his leg, for real dude. This guy would suck Jake Paul’s manhood completely dry.

  • 5w ago iamjasonadrian iamjasonadrian

    @kingstaman94 ayyyyyyyyyyy

  • 5w ago makala_236 makala_236

    No kinbstaman94 he did a YouTube video and the title is the wheel of tattoos

  • 5w ago my_name_is_annieh my_name_is_annieh

    Yeah he does

  • 5w ago oliviagracematuscak oliviagracematuscak

    Because it’s lit to ride one

  • 4w ago k.l.o.h.e.y k.l.o.h.e.y

    I want one because I would love to learn to ride to have something to so and keep stuff off my mind. Please

  • 3w ago kaleigh4352 kaleigh4352

    Um me cause i wear thrasher stuff and everywhere I i ppl be like “do you even skate tho”

  • 3w ago julesgp328 julesgp328

    Omg meee

  • 3w ago kyla_pineapple_hair kyla_pineapple_hair


  • 3w ago jake_paul_monkey_finsta jake_paul_monkey_finsta

    Bc I like skateboarding and I like You🤪🤟🔥

  • 2w ago shelby.crain.35 shelby.crain.35

    Me because after starting to watch your bids it has inspired me to want to lrarn to skateboard and I would also love to have you be a teacher for skateboarding it's been a dream of min for about a year in a half since I started watching and I even wanted to become a Mini you

  • 2w ago matthew_randall05 matthew_randall05

    I want one

  • 1w ago azf_nadia azf_nadia

    I have always wanted to skate but my mom said no because she said that’s to boyish and my dad doesn’t believe I can skate which I can do I never get the opportunity to do it

  • 1w ago confidentjakepaul confidentjakepaul

    I do 💘💘


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