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  • 26w ago life___1 life___1

    My way of fighting depression is to give charity , a beautiful story I came across “Aicha the wife of the prophet peace be upon him had a nickname the Mother of Fragrance, for every time a beggar knocked on her door, she would touch the money with perfume before giving it to him. When asked why, she explained that the charity would reach God before it reached the beggar’s hands, and she wanted the charity to be given to God in a fragrant condition.”

  • 26w ago caitlyn._.anne caitlyn._.anne

    I want to stop too but the pain is too much...I get u

  • 26w ago 29.depressed.25 29.depressed.25

    I know how you feel, ik i am trying, i keep promising... but it always goes wrong😯. Its not wanting to die... its wanting to end the pain. I get cutting... imma cutter😔 but fuck the ppl that make u feel that way!

  • 26w ago arianaears arianaears

    im so proud of you for trying ♡ thats rlly brave of you

  • 26w ago arianaears arianaears

    i have an app to overcome self harm

  • 26w ago arianaears arianaears

    its called calm harm


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