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A winged sun disc, Black Power fist, Nefertiti...etc. there’s no need to point out the obvious, but let me tell you what I see...
Look closely at the coat of arms Beyoncé is wearing. To me, it represents the different groups of people this movement has produced.
Nefertiti: The Hoteps, you know exactly what I mean. The ones who are obsessed with and stuck on Kemetic history. That part of African history is important to know, but there’s so much more.
Black Power Fist: The militants, self-explanatory.
Black Panther: The stealthy ones. I think this is probably the largest group and the most dangerous (in a good way). No one truly knows what this group of people really knows or what they’re willing to do with that information, but it is known that they’re committed to the advancement of their people through any and all means. The silent army.
Beehive: The busy bees, the ones who are constantly researching, learning, and/or teaching others.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The winged sun disc on top makes me think of the ancestors watching, guiding, and blessing us all. The yellow badge on top unites the cause (the cross and stars don’t have shit to do with Jesus, lol).
Beyoncé paying tribute to HBCUs is very fitting because as HBCUs teach, so does she with her music and her visual ciphers. She’s been taking us all to school.
Lastly, has anyone noticed that recently artists are using less ciphers in their visuals and in their music? It seems as if they’re just saying everything plainly now. That’s one of the main reasons I didn’t post any ciphers for Jay’s last album. He was pretty clear, wasn’t he?
Thank you for reading! 😇
More visual and rap ciphers here:
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