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Slide Ridge wants to wish Happy Birthday to Hoppy Booth! Hoppy is a part-time beekeeper with us. His positive energetic personality is what we love most about him!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPPY🎈


  • 29w ago jeanjames0609 jeanjames0609

    I agree with all of the above. Love ya Hoppy have a great BIRTHDAY!

  • 22w ago halfbreed_bastard halfbreed_bastard

    I recently purchased a jar of raw daughter says it tastes like sweet shunshine..she's only 5..but the color and clarity of your honey is by far the best I have had

  • 22w ago halfbreed_bastard halfbreed_bastard

    Mind you I'm from California..specifically the central valley..and honey is a huge product of the valley and I have had my fair share of a great variety of honey both local and foreign..yours tops all I have had..thank you for a wonderful product.

  • 22w ago halfbreed_bastard halfbreed_bastard

    Also I purchased two of your honey vinaigrettes..the dark malt and hatch chili..I used the hatch chilli tonight with chicken breast I marinated Sunday after I purchased your product from a friendly gentleman who represents marinated chicken was phenomenon!!!! My kids couldn't get enough. Thank you again.

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