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#TBT to when I was 16 because everyone said I wouldn’t post it on my timeline... No shame in my Knock-Off Sean John Jeans from the ‘Vic Market’ with my fubu + my Timbs... Let’s be real, this look is just a tailor away from being a Bella Hadid Fashion moment ( helps if you’re Bella Hadid ) ... I would wear this now if I still had it haha
Cant be mad at my messy teenage bedroom where my pet rat lived and my door .. my door that didn’t exist.... who has time to clean when you’re busy stealing signs for your walls and making your broken surfboard into your table / desk.
You need a Table/desk to put your VHS’, cassettes and Nokia phones.
And everyone knows I didn’t come from much, but this was a GREAT day ... I had a Carton of Coldies on my shoulder and my friends to enjoy them with :) God is good and god has been good to me.
Thank you god for letting my eyebrows grow back.


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