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I wanted to stop 🛑 by and tell you a little about #me. I’m a mommy of a 1 and 8 month old baby. He is my #why, he has been my biggest motivation and my drive to do everything I’m doing. I have gone through a lot of obstacles in my life which I have end up in my knees but I always have manage to crawl my way up because I have so much passion in making a difference in my baby’s life. When I became a single mom was a #wakeupcall and it #awoke a big desire in me to want to help other moms that go through this #alone and #nohope to have a better future for your baby. The horrible feeling of WHAT DO I DO NOW!!! and you look at your baby. You know you have to make it no matter what because you #own your baby the best life he/she can ever have but where do you start??? The exact feeling was what made me wake up and took over this amazing business #opportunity of herbalife. I want to help out so many people out there just not on their health but help them see the passion for life again and see that there is a amazing opportunity for your baby/babies future out there, that you are not #alone. There is more to this life and more to #you and your #baby.
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