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  • 56w ago 1photosansnom 1photosansnom

    I believe you meant to say tabarnac d'hiver de câlisse !!!

  • 56w ago tamsinmelissa tamsinmelissa

    Things are looking up for the weekend!

  • 56w ago lisa_lipari lisa_lipari

    @1photosansnom I did mean to say that .. bang on

  • 56w ago lisa_lipari lisa_lipari

    @tamsinmelissa I know I’m so thrilled.. I think I’ve become vitamin D deficient this month. Going to ride in Rigaud Saturday & Sunday ❤️🌞 🚴‍♂️

  • 56w ago beepbeepmanian beepbeepmanian

    A little whitish!!!

  • 56w ago awenfili awenfili

    I was just in Mallorca and thought of you when I saw cyclists 🚴‍♀️ training their butts off every morning. There’s even a triathlon hotel with an ice fountain. It was our best holiday in awhile. I just ate ham 🍖 and drank red wine 🍷 😘

  • 56w ago lisa_lipari lisa_lipari

    @beepbeepmanian the light did that.. no filter but I’ll take it 😶

  • 56w ago lisa_lipari lisa_lipari

    @awenfili my training “squad” is there as we speak at the “tri-hotel” they keep posting gorgeous photos it’s making me crazy. Cheers 😘

  • 56w ago majorsmythe majorsmythe


  • 56w ago tamsinmelissa tamsinmelissa

    @lisa_lipari Nice! I plan to ride, too!

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