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God loves you and has prepared a blessed life for those who love and follow him.
He had prepared a plan and a purpose for your life before you were in your mother’s womb.
He is the Father of Light and he only gives good gifts to his children. If you are struggling, if you are sick, if any evil befalls you be comforted in the knowledge that none of these things come from Father God. He loves you and wants only the best for you. So you can come to him in prayer and cut off the enemy’s intentions to kill, steal and destroy and claim the wonderful promises of God in his word the Holy Bible.
He loves you and he answers prayer!
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  • 40w ago heather_bryan27 heather_bryan27

    Amen! This scripture has been in my ear all week 🙌🏽🤔

  • 40w ago lielieyanto lielieyanto


  • 35w ago cinrich29 cinrich29

    This was actually the first scripture a stranger gave to me at a prayer meeting in 1994 when I was first saved ❤️

  • 35w ago debrahillier debrahillier

    @cinrich29 What a beautiful scripture for that occasion! Love it! 💐💝💐

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