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Day 520-Today in the shirt shop: I’m releasing my Coachella Festival 2010 tee, just in time for Weekend 2! Adult M. Coachella official merch. Blockbuster lineup! DM for pricing, shipping and PayPal. #CoachellaValleyMusicandArtsFestival #Coachella2010 #Weekend2 #Coachella2018 #CoachellaMerch #festival #festivalfashion #instaSale #instashop #Indio #LCDSoundsystem #Gorillaz #JayZ #MGMT #FeverRay #Orbital #DelaSoul #Pavement #HotChip #FaithnoMore #Musicfestivals #TheDeadWeather #Spoon #VampireWeekend #Gossip #FlyingLotus #echoandthebunnymen #ProjectBandShirt


  • 16w ago krisjohnson4762 krisjohnson4762

    I see allusions in design to APOCALYPSE NOW which appropriately summarizes my experience at the Radiohead/The Cure Coachella which was spent mostly in the dust and oppressive heat of the crew parking lot where we had a beat up old van, a twelve pack of warm Mountain Dew and hallucinations that were far beyond our ability to control.

  • 16w ago krisjohnson4762 krisjohnson4762

    Upon arrival in the heat of the noon rolling seemed a poor idea and silly psi-bean seemed more wise. Regrettable choice. I spend eternities staring at the ceiling of the van with the hand of god upon my chest. I felt my ever breath pushed and pulled from me by the tremendous force. I was sure that God was showing me how easily deniable another breath could be, that I was helpless in my power to keep myself alive. I was battered and beaten by anxieties and saw that God was right about my vulnerability. I also knew that God was not going to kill me on that day. I made my way to the festival for Radiohead alone, a dull and programmed set from a band that I have never warmed up to. We decided to leave after twenty-four hours. I had no stamina to wait through another day to see The Cure play. I had to get back to work.

  • 16w ago krisjohnson4762 krisjohnson4762

    When I say “work” I mean serving vodka tonics and writing screenplays on spec to continue to justify my presence in Los Angeles and partly to cover up the fact that I had no place else to be.

  • 16w ago krisjohnson4762 krisjohnson4762

    Writing long passages in other people’s fields helps me and also recalls how stimulating working in the personal environment of someone with compassion for my self-conscious and vulnerabilities. #imeansex #andialsomeanfeelingsafe

  • 16w ago themonstermarsh themonstermarsh

    Yes!!! Great year!


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