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Posting in mourning of my favorite sunglasses of which have since been replaced by a subpar, Rayban wanna-be and life may never be the same. Also posting because @tarajeanpopowich is an angel on earth and I miss our adventures and you!!! #ripfavoritesunglasses #helloTJ
Side note: these sunglasses were the only thing that survived a scooter accident in Thailand nearly scratch-less. My phone, on the other hand, did not get so lucky. Somebody in heaven knew where my priorities were.


  • 29w ago jazzblue3 jazzblue3

    @chelshightower you're always so lovely Chels!

  • 29w ago ssinca13 ssinca13

    As long as no 1 was hurt! We can observe a moment of silence in honor of your phone 😑 😉😊 My 2 favorite dancers in 1 place!?! Be still my heart! 💞💕💞 🌹🌹 Any chance of a duet?? 🙏😃 Love you both Hope you're having great time! God Bless cc @tarajeanpopowich

  • 29w ago tarajeanpopowich tarajeanpopowich

    Chels! I miss you, can we live together in London now please? Scooter accident! I’m happy you’re okay. You have a huge purpose in this life time, and you’re sunglasses also 😎 even with a new owner now Haha love and miss you, catch up soon x

  • 29w ago tarajeanpopowich tarajeanpopowich

    @ssinca13 duet definitely one of these days! x

  • 29w ago camillegardner3 camillegardner3

    @tarajeanpopowich @chelshightower we need another adventure! We can invite Johnny Boy again! Haha ❤️❤️❤️ love you both!

  • 29w ago tarajeanpopowich tarajeanpopowich

    @camillegardner3 haha yes! Lay on the beach and find crab friends again! Love seeing your updates! Love you lots x

  • 29w ago carmichaelson carmichaelson

    So you’re not in town?

  • 29w ago ivanaspeed ivanaspeed

    Did you lose them while you were in Orlando, @chelshightower?

  • 29w ago chelshightower chelshightower

    @tarajeanpopowich girl you know I’d love that. I think the least I need to come visit and see your pretty face. @camillegardner3 adventure to London?? Haha “jooohhhnnnny boyyyy!!” Love you guys!!

  • 29w ago chelshightower chelshightower

    @carmichaelson haha no. Are you there? Every time I’m there you aren’t.

  • 29w ago carmichaelson carmichaelson

    @chelshightower I’m here most of the time now. I’ll probably be gone for a week in May, and another in August, and another in September. Something like that.

  • 29w ago tomcatt8864 tomcatt8864


  • 29w ago emili.garcia745 emili.garcia745

    Chelsie Hightower Como vas , me gusta saber de ti, anhelo dedicarte la nueva canción RÓBAME de JELOZ, ahora sigue jelozmusic en Instagram

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