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A super quick painting using one of my favourite paints "foxberry" from the Woodlands pallette by @prima_watercolor .
Generally by the time I go home after work, I have something planned in my head, like what to paint, what colours to use, how do I present it, etc, etc and I get super excited and just can't wait to get home. But since the last week I just don't seem to think of anything interesting or whatever I paint just doesn't seem to make me happy. Does this happen to you? What do you do then?
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  • 39w ago quintessence_2907 quintessence_2907

    So pretty 😍😍

  • 39w ago jahnavirathangopal jahnavirathangopal


  • 39w ago mirglis mirglis

    This is beautifully delicate!

  • 39w ago aragma.designs aragma.designs

    So so pretty!. 😍

  • 39w ago nadine_watercolor nadine_watercolor

    Really beautiful ! ☺️ I have the same feeling at the moment too. No ideas, no inspiration... 🤭 Let's hope it gets better. 🙏🏻

  • 39w ago prernadraws prernadraws

    Find an art challenge to help you with some inspiration. I usually don't follow through with the challenge, but it certainly gives me some cues to keep working on till inspiration strikes.

  • 39w ago clicks.n.inks_by_abhiri clicks.n.inks_by_abhiri

    In such times, I prefer to take a break for a day or two 😊 I engage my time in some other things that I love ...reading,writing,even going for a small walk helps in rejuvenation! Else, I do some research on paints,landscapes, sketchbooks,etc :)

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @quintessence_2907 Thank you ❤️

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @jahnavirathangopal 😘😃

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @mirglis Thank you! Loving your tiny green paintings.

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @aragma.designs Thank you so much

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @nadineb_watercolor Thank you Nadine! Yeah I hope we feel better soon!!

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @semicolon_artbyprerna Yeah that's a great idea Prerna. But I tend to stress out when I start challenges. I should stop worrying about completing a challenge I guess.

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @clicks.n.inks_by_abhiri Thanks for the tips Abhiri. I'll start my evening walks again. I hope that helps.

  • 39w ago thecolorful_world thecolorful_world

    It is soo soothing. It happens with me also, Sush!! I usually look my old works again which really cheers me up and put me in jolly mood again. I hope the same works with you as well!🤩😃

  • 39w ago watercolors_by_sukrutha watercolors_by_sukrutha

    i personally think that you should take some time off...thats what i did last week when i was feeling really negative about painting...give it atleast a not paint, even if u want to..after a week, start fresh, you will be surprised❤️❤️❤️

  • 39w ago nikitaceedesign nikitaceedesign

    Gahh I totally feel you! I went through a dry spell for about 10 days and finally getting back to it. I find working on abstracts really helps- just open all paint palettes and use colors that speak to you (with some awesome music in the background)- and paint away... even just starting with painting simple strokes. 💛

  • 39w ago by_the_lakeside by_the_lakeside

    I am exactly going through that phase. Except for my 100 day project I have no motivation to paint , may be because am on vacation. But I was super nervous last night that I am not painting enough. In such cases I just follow a simple tutorial and teach myself something so it doesn't put me under pressure to create.

  • 39w ago paper.tailor paper.tailor

    I think you're still doing pretty things regardless! I usually like to look at other people's works, and helps me think out of my perspective!

  • 39w ago thevisualstoriesstudio thevisualstoriesstudio

    This is delicate and beautiful Sushma , it happens often to me in those moment I leave the stress of finishing whatever I am doing and just stick to florals, they always help in relaxing and if that doesn’t help either just take a break enjoy other things and come back to it with recharged mind

  • 39w ago m3l4n13g m3l4n13g

    I love it Sush 😍. I get that feeling a lot, and find it’s more when I’m unknowingly stressed. So I either take a break, try something different, or go to a comfort zone with things I’m happy doing because they’re easy.

  • 39w ago moelipinta moelipinta


  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @thecolorful_world That's a great way to deal with this block! I never thought of this. It's always nice to see how much you've improved over time. Thank you ❤️

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @watercolors_by_sukrutha Yeah Sukrutha, I've tried this but I end up feeling very empty without my paints and brushes. But maybe I should keep myself occupied with other things at that time and then come back fresh as you said. Thank you 😘.

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @nikitaceedesign Oh this is such a nice idea. Sounds very relaxing. I've been working on the watercolour marathon and that somewhat stresses me out. Yes, I should get back to painting simple strokes and enjoying my time without worrying about the outcome! Thank you ❤️😘

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @by_the_lakeside Oh tell me about it! Even I get so nervous when I don't paint for several days! Following a tutorial simply puts me under more pressure I feel, since I'm more worried about creating something similar to what the artist has created 🤷

  • 39w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @paper.tailor I agree! There's so much inspiration out here on Instagram. Thank you ❤️😘

  • 39w ago skyoart skyoart


  • 38w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @dishachauhanart I agree. Florals, especially loose florals have helped me before too. Thanks Disha 💛💗

  • 38w ago sushhegde sushhegde

    @m3l4n13g Yes I'm unknowingly stressed many times and trying something different is a good option for me I guess. Thank you Mel 💟

  • 37w ago kreseczka_m kreseczka_m

    Gorgeous ❤️💛

  • 36w ago minilabdesio minilabdesio

    Very nice gallery!! 😎😍

  • 34w ago sudhakar9448 sudhakar9448

    -One more reason for disliking could be that in this summer tome dry leaves have fallen away ... But wait for the monsoon coming soon, and see how they flourish in the rainy season.. Yopu have brought out shades of brown and dark grey so faithfully.

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