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finito with this uni malarkey. @nick_knight, @calumgordon_, @be_ming, @jamesparkes_,, @evsbell, @emzgalz - can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to prod your brains and poach your subculture expertise for my dissertation. honourable mention to @glenn_kitson’s book recommendations and @mmmariana for being the ever-helpful star that you are


  • 53w ago jamesparkes_ jamesparkes_


  • 53w ago calumgordon_ calumgordon_

    do you have extra copies? Would love to see one.

  • 53w ago ailidh_ ailidh_

    don’t have any spare hard copies going but shall email you over a digital version soonish

  • 53w ago calumgordon_ calumgordon_

    @ailidh_ perfect, can’t wait to read it

  • 53w ago be_ming be_ming

    Congrats lovely! So please for you 🖤

  • 53w ago ailidh_ ailidh_

    thank ya for having a blether with me for it, was so much hell!

  • 53w ago mmmariana mmmariana

    Yey Ailidh!! Congratulations!

  • 53w ago johnarchibaldmaclean johnarchibaldmaclean

    Congratulations Ailidh!! Well done! 😃

  • 53w ago ailidh_ ailidh_

    thank youuu!

  • 53w ago ailidh_ ailidh_

    thanks john, so very relieved that it’s done and dusted

  • 53w ago ailidh_ ailidh_

    help not hell whoops

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