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  • 9w ago lord_zinestro lord_zinestro

    Why all the pics i seen here are always clean af ? Bruh one day with my iwata lph 400 and get so dirty af like i work with them a lot 😒😂

  • 9w ago batsobatso batsobatso

    @lord_zinestro tack that base!

  • 9w ago henchman_hotrods henchman_hotrods

    @lord_zinestro the gun doesn't make dirt brother!

  • 9w ago lord_zinestro lord_zinestro

    I mean with all the solvent paints i use gets dirty and i paint not only black single stage i also paint flat black flat clear , clearcoat candy base house of color i use it even for tint and i have to clean it over and over man .

  • 9w ago atelierdrums atelierdrums

    I like a clean gun. Mine are kept as clean as the day they were new. Always.

  • 9w ago unrulygi0 unrulygi0

    Whats the point in painting the top of the board if it gets covered?

  • 9w ago taz.alvarez taz.alvarez

    @gioyikes these aren't for riding just displays

  • 8w ago ferrercollision ferrercollision


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