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Yes, she was only 8 when they raped her.
After a long debating session of the recent rape case of an 8 years old asifa, my heart wrenched in pain.
As a woman, I have soo much to question about, but my first question is "is there anyone here willing to answer them all?"
Provoking clothes, late night outings, having guy friends, parting and idk so many things are portrayed as reasons for so many rapes happen in India.
But, what about all the girls getting sexually harassed and murdered almost every day around our country.
Women are weak than men,
Women shouldn't leave the house after 6 in evening,
Women shouldn't wear jeans etc, as men feel attracted towards.
Some survey in Haryana shows that people feel girls should get married at the age of 16 so that men don't need to rape other women.
Can someone here please tell me, if there is something wrong in a men's perspective of getting attracted towards a woman wearing jean then why are questioning a woman's character and not men's mental health??
Why are we still debating on women's wearing short clothes and not teaching men about their ethics?
Our fundamental rights say:-
Freedom of speech and expression
Freedom to assemble peacefully
Freedom to move freely throughout the territory of India.
Then why the fundamentals laws never told us these are only for men and not women?
Why are so deprived and narrow, even today?
We live in a country where neither 8 months old nor 8 years old is safe.
Justice to asifa will be justice done to every woman afraid of breathing free.
Justice delayed is justice denied.

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