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The iconic rock band @sandwichmanila took their fans on a musical journey over the past 20 years with Under the Glow of the Satellite concert at Metrotent Convention Center.

It's one big party having two sets of stage, amazing lights, great bands, good food, lots of booze and a totally awesome show.

So surreal to witness and be part of the people who made this historic concert happen. From the area of the lively crowd, I've realized that it has been a challenging task to get good photos. I'm grateful to @manilaconcertjunkies for letting us cover it.

They really get better with age and experience and it's one of their best concerts to date as they bring people together because of music. They shared the Metrotent stage with Autotelic, Ciudad, She's Only Sixteen, Tom's Story, youngsleepyboi, and Diego Mapa. #xSx #UnderTheGlowOfTheSatellite #Sandwich20 #livemusic #concerts #supportyourlocalartist #supportOPM

Congrats, #SandwichManila! More photos at


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