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my very first garden is officially planted.
my body is so very tired from these last two days of activity and i'm currently lying amongst half-packed clothes as i leave for New York in the morning.
i'm excited for the full week of work ahead (which will luckily still be with plants and beautiful greenery) yet, somewhat like an anxious mother, i will be thinking often about my garden and hoping that it rains well and long in my absence so it can be taken care of.
i feel a potentially unwarranted connection with this little plot of lovingly sorted and stirred earth. it is so small and unassuming and yet it holds so much in its essence and meaning for me.
it is such a long time dream of mine come true. to have earth to sow seeds into. the various pots on my balcony in the city, with half hearted attempts, really pale in comparison. though those times are recalled still with a full heart and a nostalgia that brings with it a kind of ache. i loved that life too.
but this new kind of growing, in more ways than one, has me over the moon.
i almost feel silly trying to communicate my current state of dare-i-say euphoria.
i am just so happy.
with freckles on my nose having been kissed awake by the sun, calluses on my hands formed by rakes and shovels, my straw hat hanging on my bed post, dirt not quite all-the-way cleaned out from in-between fingers, and my old gardening overalls (because, yes, i have long since had a pair of gardening overalls despite the lack of actually having a garden. #dressforthelifeyouwant) in the hamper.
i think that even if nothing edible comes from my attempts, i will be no less satisfied with this beginning (but here's hoping that arugula actually pulls through since i go through that stuff like nobodies business). ⋒☼❨


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