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On the radio!


  • 34w ago bobbydigital718 bobbydigital718

    Pony Express Record is one of my all time favorites! Listening to it for the first time instantly grew hair on my chest.

  • 34w ago

    As a Seattle resident, I heard that sound quite a bit lately on KEXP.

  • 34w ago tan319 tan319

    Nice one, Congratulations

  • 34w ago borboletaaz borboletaaz

    My favorite band of all time 😍

  • 34w ago gjvj30 gjvj30

    Both great tunes! Wish shudder lasted longer!

  • 34w ago _multiplemiggs_ _multiplemiggs_

    w/ #Sebadoh, no less.

  • 34w ago jfarkas10 jfarkas10

    I actually just found this 7" at a flea market in Ohio!

  • 34w ago mrmaglione mrmaglione

    My friends and I used to listen to that version of shake your halo down over and over and over...

  • 34w ago yeahimfrank yeahimfrank

    Both great records

  • 34w ago mustindouch mustindouch


  • 34w ago audioesoterica audioesoterica

    Love that 2 track version of "Halo"!

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