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This is Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, used in the filming of The Pirates of the Caribbean


  • 26w ago hemulenhellman hemulenhellman

    @lovelyleesh9248 and the horse Artax in the 80's never ending story actually died in the scene where he got stuck in the swamp.

  • 26w ago robinnyzell robinnyzell

    @hammarik Sangsom 1

  • 26w ago hammarik hammarik

    @robinnyzell oh shiet, you have upgraded your boat!

  • 26w ago robinnyzell robinnyzell

    @hammarik it's all about the small details.

  • 26w ago beefcandie beefcandie

    @hemulenhellman I don’t see anything “ironic” or “humorous.” Thank you. 👎🏽

  • 26w ago mary_ca_valheiro mary_ca_valheiro


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  • 26w ago

    @hemulenhellman fattar inte riktigt.. 🤔

  • 26w ago chucktowncport chucktowncport

    @hemulenhellman The Swamp of Sadness is undefeated ☹

  • 26w ago bnezezon bnezezon

    What breed of chicken lays blue eggs

  • 26w ago rweb_ rweb_

    Everyone hear is just hear for the cool pics..Now all of a sudden every one is David attenbragh worried about were a fuking shit is and if it had 99 Windows and not 87. Just enjoy they dam pics..We all know they cool as fuck.

  • 26w ago rweb_ rweb_

    @lovelyleesh9248 yet you watched the movie and love Johnny depp. 😂

  • 26w ago lovelyleesh9248 lovelyleesh9248

    @roemadel Yea, I took some pics! We went out with a few locals and they brought us to Gold Rock Beach, then over to where they filmed some of the ship scenes in the old Navy yard.

  • 26w ago lovelyleesh9248 lovelyleesh9248

    @rweb_ Well I did watch the first few movies, but I'll admit I was more of an Orlando Bloom fan! 😂Also, the movie was filmed in 2006, but I didn't go to the Bahamas until 2015.

  • 25w ago kaelynh kaelynh

    @nleonards i follow this group, thought you’d like👍🏻

  • 25w ago othellothemoor07 othellothemoor07


  • 25w ago pa.photograph pa.photograph

    Amazing picture

  • 23w ago madeleinekalvatn2 madeleinekalvatn2

    @anitasweder @cybelee

  • 23w ago amazingworld_7 amazingworld_7

  • 23w ago yasemin_yalcinkayadogru yasemin_yalcinkayadogru

    Charming 😀

  • 22w ago best_holiday_target best_holiday_target

    Totally rocks!

  • 21w ago memorablegiftideas memorablegiftideas

    That's a new one on me :p

  • 21w ago nishantduhan1 nishantduhan1

    This was in Assassin's Creed Black Flag too @assassinscreed_us

  • 19w ago amc1181 amc1181


  • 19w ago leo.ernandes leo.ernandes

    This isn't the Queen Anne's Revenge, is the Flyng Dutchman...

  • 10w ago mrae_12 mrae_12

    @spotsjaws who’s was the Flying Dutchman?

  • 9w ago glitterparadise glitterparadise


  • 6w ago vladislav710vv vladislav710vv

    Where is this ship located?

  • 4w ago bellamin.longhook bellamin.longhook

    @k10_yoga the Flying Dutchmen was based heavily on the shipwreck Vasa, while the QAR was an English built frigate. They would be very different.

  • 3w ago leorebelius leorebelius

    Wow where is this ship?🤙🏻

  • 2w ago marleybaby1994 marleybaby1994

    @rweb_ u know some people are abandoned Exploration enthusiasts so stop being a Dick. U enjoy the pictures if that's what u want but some people genuinely want to visit these places. That's why they ask where things are located.

  • 2w ago rweb_ rweb_

    @marleybaby1994 like you one😂😂😂😂😂 you couldn't explore the local fuking mall without getting lost . And don't call me a dick that was really rude of you..I never called you names.

  • 2w ago marleybaby1994 marleybaby1994

    @rweb_ darling I never once said I was one of those people and actually the way u are replying is genuinely showing your IQ how old are u 12? 😂 all I said was some people are entitled to ask where these places are to go and look themselves.. you sir are a DICK by the way u replied in the first place.. ur nothing but a salty old man 😂 if u like looking at the pics why rip into people who actually enjoy learning and visiting those places it's just weird people must not treat u nice in your normal life for u to be like that .it's quite sad

  • 2w ago rweb_ rweb_

    @marleybaby1994 what did you write its a hole novel i cant read it you so 12 then am an old man then my IQ is low..all you go on about dick all the time so we all no what kind u are. Sfebe nyana wena!!!

  • 2w ago marleybaby1994 marleybaby1994

    @rweb_ mate u wish I was talking about Dick now uve made this a sexual thing and it's pretty revolting beast. Get to fuck and enjoy ur day u clearly don't like being bammed up by females. Ur a pure failed body builder ur a joke 😂 ur going nowhere in life with negativity like that

  • 2w ago marleybaby1994 marleybaby1994

    @rweb_ people like you are the reason some of the population should be took out ur dumb and optionated against what others enjoy ur nothing ur a troll and trolls as we all know never back down and try to offend further good luck with that I'm out exploring today u shud try it one day an get a life :)

  • 2w ago marleybaby1994 marleybaby1994

    @itsabandoned you should block this fool.

  • 2w ago rweb_ rweb_

    @marleybaby1994 you so boring...yoh u writing me these long novels no wonder you manless and Eveyone finds you so tyring..I can't even read threw all the novels you typing..u attack me calling me names when my comment had nothing to do with you but you feel the need to go on and on and type me all this u begging some other guy to block me and what what.. yoh I won't lie really wa bora sfebe asablief you really trying. Jirrr.


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