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Want to know what sheep are like? They can be shy, curious, demanding, fun loving, serious, caring. Spent the afternoon in the sheep barn at @farmsanctuary, the sweetest place on earth, home to thousands of rescued individuals over the last 20+ years. Being with the sheeple (best name) is to be face to face with the individuals who deserve our protection and respect...but you know all this... These sweethearts are just so lovely and calming to be around. I hope you can all visit here someday. JMC
📷 1: Sam being ..mauled? :) what's the word for a sheep mauling? A shauling?
2: Jo and Ash. Ash the Demander of Constant Attention.


  • 5w ago lighthousefarmsanctuary lighthousefarmsanctuary

    Sheep are my favorite people. ❤🐑

  • 5w ago madeline_krasno madeline_krasno

    Ash ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 5w ago ankitajollybeans ankitajollybeans


  • 5w ago billkauffman billkauffman

    You’re there?!

  • 5w ago samgo12 samgo12

  • 5w ago gablovesdylan gablovesdylan

    Sheeple ❤️❤️❤️

  • 5w ago marierosejoshua marierosejoshua

    Super 👏🏻👍🏻💚😍

  • 5w ago britbec britbec

    For those who can’t visit, the webcam is a close second, plus find your local farm sanctuary and volunteer!

  • 5w ago jessearmaline jessearmaline

    I love all the animals there! Everyone is an individual!

  • 5w ago moose_and_minnie moose_and_minnie

    Ash you’re a stunner!❤️

  • 5w ago kathytango kathytango

    I spent a month there as an intern three years ago and it’s the best experience I’ve ever had it’s such a beautiful place!!! 💗

  • 4w ago hannah____here hannah____here

    I have 38 sheep where i live and ones so friendly i can run up to it and it will push me over and give me cuddles lol

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