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Go Leafs Go


  • 17w ago ahm7698 ahm7698

    good luck

  • 17w ago roxannephan32 roxannephan32

    Good luck tonight and GO LEAFS GO❤️💖😍

  • 17w ago oeuf04 oeuf04

    I’m wearing my kadri jersey rn!!💙💙💙

  • 17w ago thebitos905 thebitos905


  • 17w ago km.babyy km.babyy


  • 17w ago clayton_152653 clayton_152653

    Kadri is dirty thats a good call by the refs get him out of the game

  • 17w ago eldercordeiro89 eldercordeiro89

    @clayton_159063 o yea 2 guys go after a guy like Marner what about the head shot against marner ??? No call right the media is gonna say what they want and players are gonna be professional on camera 🎥 but they no what they got to do on the bench and in the dressing room the ice is totally different , things are being said steady we don’t no about and can’t hear but theirs a different game going on out their.

  • 17w ago eldercordeiro89 eldercordeiro89

    Guys these days are forgetting the code

  • 17w ago eldercordeiro89 eldercordeiro89

    @clayton_159063 they went after marner and someone paid for it it’s simple

  • 17w ago whatwouldcolindo whatwouldcolindo

    @clayton_159063 dude Wingels got what Wingels deserved it’s too bad naz didn’t hit him harder. You wouldn’t know it but there is still code in hockey. You can’t throw a dirty hit at a young star player and not expect some kind of retaliation. The team is family. If little brother Mitch is getting bullied someone has to have his back. If you thought that hit was dirty then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • 17w ago 4krinch 4krinch

    We need #15 for a game or two.

  • 17w ago clayton_152653 clayton_152653

    @whatwouldcolindo ya well im just saying the kadri hit ruined the game for the leafs and there series

  • 17w ago whatwouldcolindo whatwouldcolindo

    I disagree, if he HADN’T have dealt with Wingels that would have let Boston think they can walk all over the leafs. Ya the suspension sucks but I’m just glad SOMEONE in that roster showed a little backbone. Let’s face it the game was over at 3-1

  • 17w ago maxi._.67 maxi._.67

    @clayton_159063 and Marchand isn’t dirty I think he should be kicked out of the damn league

  • 17w ago samuell_anacleto samuell_anacleto

    Nazem W W W . U P A R S E G U I D O R E S . COM#nyNaQLgTf z1H1qG


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