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I am that friend, I inhale my coffee as soon as it’s in my hands, hot or cold!
I wish I had a photo of me wearing these guys, I’m still working on photography when I have the time. If I could focus on creating and photography and marketing 24hrs a day I would, but today I realized that I don’t just want my Instagram to be a way to sell product, I want you all to see more of who I am, what I’m about as a person, a woman and artist. I’m going to stop worrying about if my Instagram photos match up, stop obsessing over how many likes I have and if those have turned into sales. I didn’t start making jewelry to get rich, I started because it made me happy and I hope those who follow me and my art will begin to see a change in attitude as they get to know me, Cora, a little better. Because why else by handmade? You’re not just buying earrings, you are buying an idea, an art, and a lifelong passion.


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