Instagram post by @websta_me WEBSTA, formerly WEBSTAGRAM

Dear WEBSTA users,
Serving you on your Instagram journey was indeed an amazing experience. However, due to Instagram's data usage policy (on April 4th), our service is no longer useful as it used to be to our subscribers. For this reason, we decided to stop our WEBSTA service soon.
We have been passionately providing multiple services through WEBSTA for over 7 years to help you find Instagram more fun and exciting. It saddens us to stop our service. However, we would be continually be seeking ways to serve you again in the future.
We will delete all your information stored in our server as we close the WEBSTA to keep you secured.
Thank you so much for trusting our service. We value you as part of us and we look forward to partner with you again soon.
Thank you for using WEBSTA.
founder Joe @jmworks


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