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👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩10 reasons NOT to hire a woman-owned business
1. You think you can get a better rate
2.You think you can get a better rate - in case #1 did not sink in.
3. You think you want to be surrounded by hot women.
4. You think it's 1985 or 1995. It's 2018. Wake up.
5. You might have grown up in a different era. Grow up.
6. You think they might be a stay at home mom, home business, and just want something extra to do.
7. You're single and you think this might be a way to meet other women.
8. You heard women typically over deliver
9. You want to have a "safe zone" to hang out with women and do whatever you want to do because you’re paying them anyway and you have the right. Ya right!
10. Supporting women-owned business is good for your image.
11. You think you might be in more control.

So you want to hire hire more women?
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