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The day after the last day. Here’s a picture of the saddest pair of flip flops/thongs in the world. The morning after the boys left for Qatar I found G’s “flippers” out on the front lawn. The crime scene also involved about 20 scattered nerf bullets. I’m guessing one of the boys “borrowed” G’s shoes when they were having a nerf war while G and I were cooking dinner and drinking wine with the neighbours. The house was full of noise at the time, kids rolling out on the grass, music playing, cackling laughter - but today all I can hear is the faint sound of waves while the local birds send messages from tree to tree. I’m getting used to being the first to arrive and the last to leave when we come home to visit, it’s a luxury we couldn’t indulge in when the kids were little. Ha! Can you imagine? Hey honey how about I stay here and clean up while you travel back with 4 kids under six? I no longer walk the airplane aisles with toddlers or travel with a strategically packed backpack of baby and toddler tricks. I always travel ahead now, I fill the fridge, make the beds, pick up supplies - it means when G and the kids arrive the holiday starts immediately. It’s always exciting and frantic, there’s a buzz between us all. And now I’m at the opposite end. The boys back in Q, the girls and I waiting for Aus school holidays to start so we can get on the plane to be together again. Beds are stripped, bills paid, mail diverted. I’ve left G’s flip flops at the front door for now but they’ll eventually go back in the cupboard for next time. This expat life is the BEST thing, but geez it complicates the mind.

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  • 30w ago lkhanson6 lkhanson6

    “It complicates the mind”, truer words have never been spoken. And maybe even the heart too. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted with your words. Thank you. ❤️

  • 30w ago walker_events walker_events

    Different lives. I reckon you've hit a "good spot" at the moment - even with the girls in a different country.

  • 30w ago russell_furner russell_furner

    You described that perfectly Kirsty. For the most part you have to be one to understand how it works and most people looking in from the outside don’t understand it fully. Enjoy .. 😀😎🛩

  • 30w ago susie_fi_scotland susie_fi_scotland


  • 30w ago kylie_ladd_author kylie_ladd_author

    Lovely post. Your heart is split, but it’s still a very full heart xxx

  • 30w ago rustikkitchen rustikkitchen


  • 30w ago denysewhelan denysewhelan

    Being in two place with a part of your heart in each is a huge challenge .. ❤️

  • 30w ago expatwithkids expatwithkids

    Giving me goose bumps and smiles at the same time while I read this... share the feeling and boy does time fly when you are having fun. Next thing you know we’ll be running after the grandkids!!!! 😉

  • 30w ago asdmadventures asdmadventures

    I love that you can hear the faint sound of the waves :-)

  • 30w ago shamozal shamozal

    @walker_events I completely agree. The good bits make everything okay.

  • 30w ago shamozal shamozal

    @russell_furner ❤️

  • 30w ago shamozal shamozal watching your progress darls - so so cool!

  • 30w ago shamozal shamozal

    @asdmadventures me too ❤️

  • 30w ago susieb0769 susieb0769

    I love the grass!!!

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