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  • 33w ago putrimae22 putrimae22

    Hahaha dasar lu kang nyontek wkwkw

  • 33w ago ohohmaknae ohohmaknae

    For those who are wondering. HY: Even I have a husband, why am I sleeping alone? SH: I'm sorry babe, I am doing this for the sake of our children's future. (2nd pict): SH: *lemme make a coffee* HY: Oppa, can you leave that for awhile, or else you will sleep in the couch tonightπŸ˜’πŸ˜‘

  • 33w ago petallllll_ petallllll_

    Akhirnya 😍

  • 32w ago ohohmaknae ohohmaknae

    @petallllll_ hehe akhirnya knp?

  • 32w ago petallllll_ petallllll_

    @ohohmaknae memenya d.lanjut

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