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HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY TO MISAO!! (It was actually 8.4 but I was still making this outfit so I'm a bit late but it's fine! :'D) So I've had this girl for four years now :'D That's hella long time! And I have never posted any pictures of her anywhere, so this is a bit odd for me :') She is Pullip Canele and she still has her stock wig and chips but I bought her an obitsu a few years ago. She is my only pullip and I haven't done a lot with her, but a few weeks ago I got some inspiration, so I made this outfit~ and I must say, I'm kinda proud of it! But yeah, no drawings in a long while :'D So sorry about that! My inspiration is kinda lost in that section :') But I try to come up with something in the near future~ (hopefully) (and I might post more pictures of her here if I feel like it, so I hope doll pictures don't bother you :'D)

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  • 35w ago sirpaseepra sirpaseepra

    Oh dear! That outfit is awsome 😊 You've been so busy with other things so no wonder it has been quiet here. Hopes high about seeing more postings soon ❣

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