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Current mood!!!! #GRATEFUL


  • 5w ago buddyboyy__ buddyboyy__

    Good Mornings Everyone🤗... My dream has always to be in one of @tylerperry movies I love acting and I’ve been trying to find little auditions near me but Orlando,Fl isn’t a talent place and I’m willing to work for free it’s not all about the money I just like his movies and would love to be in one and I love @tarajiphenson so can y’all do me a favor and Blow Mr. @tylerperry and Ms. @tarajiphenson and help me out.. Thanks and god bless you guys🙏🏾🤞🏾 #NeverGiveUp

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  • 5w ago princess_lola_rothmuir_paige princess_lola_rothmuir_paige

    Downloaded. I like it as much as “I Need You Now”. Smokie is a beast!

  • 5w ago tify_pop tify_pop

    @tylerperry Please Check Your DM

  • 5w ago bronxfinest1869 bronxfinest1869

    I was JUST listening to This Song 🙏

  • 5w ago revlashonna revlashonna

    Hi! Did you receive the book I sent to your studio called Forgiven?

  • 5w ago huniej huniej

    Yes always ❤️🙏🏽

  • 5w ago queen__indeed queen__indeed

    @tylerperry check your dm 🙏🏾

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    Plz follow me

  • 5w ago halfofmimi halfofmimi

    Yasssasssss okay so now I have to spam your page cause I played this today and I'm feeling lovely!!!!❤👑✊🏾

  • 5w ago khajana.posh khajana.posh

    Yes Lil Brother ! Amen !

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  • 5w ago jaylabri jaylabri

    Love that song! 🙏🏿❤️🙌🏿

  • 5w ago geri_g23 geri_g23

    He scammed people I know iam a Victim

  • 5w ago dorislovett dorislovett

    I love this song! It's one of my favorites.. First time I heard it I cried my eyes out.

  • 5w ago isthisroz isthisroz

    Your So Dope I just wanted you to know that.

  • 5w ago totalpackagetre totalpackagetre

    I listen to this song all the time!

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  • 4w ago iputon4jesus iputon4jesus

    Visit my page for encouragement

  • 4w ago


  • 4w ago wyliemae_me wyliemae_me

    So! Tyler! Have you read The Hidden Light of Northern Fires”? It’s a beautiful story centering around the Underground Railroad in upstate NY. The author, Daren Wang lives here in the ATL now but grew up in a house that has a rich history with tunnels and was a conduit. He has a screenplay half written. He’s a lovely man and this novel should be a movie! I’ve been an editor for 28 years and will edit it for FREE!! And I live in college park!! Please consider it- it’s a gorgeously moving story! Thanks for your time! Wendy

  • 4w ago royalroyal__ royalroyal__

    Gotta check this out!

  • 4w ago teppenger7 teppenger7

    That’s my pastor

  • 4w ago pnb_breee pnb_breee

    Hey my name is santerri lewis i am 19 years old I was trying to see what all will I have to do for you to help me share my life changing store? in 2013 I have dead 3 times in a car flip over they pronounced me dead on the news two times I don't remember nun of that period of time getting in no car or being in the emergency room but I will like to share my trip to hell and Haven I been trying to get my story out since it happened its more of my story PS: I'm not playing or trying to run no games my family them dont believe me so i just need somebody to take my story serious my contact number is 6782585473

  • 4w ago oneandonly_val oneandonly_val

    You are an awesome man continue to put God first your blessings will continue y grow, I love you

  • 4w ago theillestbarbie theillestbarbie

    I need you now! My fav! Lovely song! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 4w ago gardnercandy gardnercandy

    He is the best!

  • 4w ago mlpb629 mlpb629

    My song #thankyouGod

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  • 3w ago niseybaddazz niseybaddazz

    Check DM @tylerperry

  • 3w ago sdwoods76 sdwoods76

    I sing this song at least once every month on my way home from work!!!!

  • 3w ago brendamooreismail brendamooreismail

    Love the song. I forgot I wrote you over here~ Robbie

  • 2w ago trikoffdustinjoshua trikoffdustinjoshua

    For a Christian I never hear you talk about God

  • 2w ago b__perfected b__perfected

    Yes this album is definitely a good 1. 👍🏽

  • 1w ago tdavid409 tdavid409

    Blessings @tylerperry I'm artist songwriter Poet from STL just Searching & Praying for opportunity. I write and have #Pop #RnB & #Gospel Music to fit any great voice or Project. I just need a chance💪💯 5FT-P

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  • 6d ago liya_golubeva_307 liya_golubeva_307

    sour His

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