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  • 19w ago franklin_farmhouse franklin_farmhouse

    Awww congrats to them!!

  • 19w ago floralandpearls floralandpearls

    What a sweet day! Congrats to the newlyweds!

  • 19w ago kandacejwilliams kandacejwilliams


  • 19w ago

    So cute! Wishing them many years of health and happiness

  • 19w ago savvyinthesuburbs savvyinthesuburbs

    My husband and I start the day holding hands and praying together every morning. We will be married 40 years in September. 🙏🏼😀

  • 19w ago simply_decorated simply_decorated

    Awe! Congratulations! God first, spouse second, children third...💗

  • 19w ago reality_157 reality_157

    Throughout your marriage there will always be one person who gives just a little bit more. Sometimes it will be you; sometimes it will be your spouse. That is the entire point of marriage. As long as the pendulum continues to swing back and forth, then you are doing it right.

  • 19w ago rootedandgroundedhome rootedandgroundedhome

    Congratulations! Keeping your relationship with God the most important will make everything else work great.

  • 16w ago _treytv_ _treytv_

    🔥 🔥 🔥


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