Instagram post by @tscharke Luke Tscharke • Tasmania

Here's to those that devote their lives to the endless chase of beauty.
The optimists, the courageous, the brave.
Those that go out when the conditions are poor, the hours early or the temperatures freezing.
Those that know the most beautiful light proceeds the most inclement of weather and the most interesting places are on the paths less trodden.
Those that understand that discomfort is the price for a meaningful experience, and recognise fear as a precursor to the expansion of life.
Never giving up, always searching, pushing through fatigue, anxiety and the naysayers.
At times the journey is lonely, hostile and unforgiving
However, this inevitably gives way to excitement, joy, ecstasy. It keeps the passion flowing like a wild river, stopping at nothing until it reaches the ocean.
To have a calling where one aims to be in the most beautiful places at the most beautiful times with the most beautiful light, simply to capture the moment to share with others; surely they are the most fortunate people on earth. ----
Reflecting on it now being two years since I quit my corporate job to be a full time photographer. I have never been more challenged, or have worked so hard in my life. I have never felt so alive, I have never been more myself, I never witnessed such beauty. (New work from Iceland, thanks to @gocampers for making it possible)


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