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My Weapons of choice on the Fozzy " Judas Rising Tour" !# Kiesel


  • 35w ago omgitzdestineex omgitzdestineex

    You guys were incredible in Maine tonight! It was great meeting you at Bull Moose & VIP 😊 Already can't wait for you guys to return.

  • 35w ago hollywoood31 hollywoood31

    You gotta send me those specs for the maple. I want one!

  • 35w ago paul_lawrence_artist paul_lawrence_artist

    That maple neck looks bad ass bro.

  • 35w ago kurtarft69 kurtarft69

    The maple fretboard with black block inlays is sharp!

  • 35w ago rokdawg rokdawg

    Doing it all with just two? Wow that's impressive!

  • 32w ago fortinamps fortinamps


  • 24w ago gerrardturnbull gerrardturnbull

    Hey mate, I'm Gerrard/Ged from Adelaide Australia, just herd you are touring can't wait to see you in action again, just windering if there would be away possible to meet you again, keep rockin brother, love the new album, can't wait!! 🤘 @billygreyrpg

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