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My Weapons of choice on the Fozzy " Judas Rising Tour" !# Kiesel


  • 6w ago omgitzdestineex omgitzdestineex

    You guys were incredible in Maine tonight! It was great meeting you at Bull Moose & VIP 😊 Already can't wait for you guys to return.

  • 6w ago hollywoood31 hollywoood31

    You gotta send me those specs for the maple. I want one!

  • 6w ago paul_lawrence_artist paul_lawrence_artist

    That maple neck looks bad ass bro.

  • 6w ago kurtarft69 kurtarft69

    The maple fretboard with black block inlays is sharp!

  • 6w ago rokdawg rokdawg

    Doing it all with just two? Wow that's impressive!

  • 3w ago fortinamps fortinamps


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