Instagram post by @brightman_ Joe

A very productive week so far, weighing in this morning at 99.4kg which is my lowest by 0.5kg all prep 🤘🏽
Felt my tightest by far yesterday morning as I saw more lines and signs of leanness reappearing after a year and a half of being in hiding. I’m most excited to go further than I’ve ever been before, that is what drives me every morning. That and the fact that I’m just desperate to win and realise a dream 🤩
At 11 weeks out today everything is cruising along very nicely. Food remains relatively high, my lifts continue to progress each week, and the weight and fat keeps dropping. With all those things being ticked off I can only be pleased with how this prep is going, and every time I get in the studio for posing now I feel more and more satisfied with the direction I’m moving in 🤙🏽
I can’t wait to see the changes over the next few weeks now 😬


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