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The secret’s out - we’re pregnant and Cassie @glimmerwood is carrying our baby! 🤰🏻 Watch the recording of IG Live where we discuss surrogacy, how our husbands feel about it, and more!


  • 6w ago sixvi.indd sixvi.indd

    Buying a woman's body to carrie your child, so feminist!!!

  • 6w ago carrieblueberries carrieblueberries

    I must have missed the window that the video was available 😿did she say if it was a boy or girl and when it was due?

  • 6w ago maartje.adriana maartje.adriana

    @mars.milk literally watch the first two minutes of the video and she explains it's due to her back problems that would escalate if she carried a child.

  • 6w ago bethanieluise bethanieluise


  • 6w ago katpark katpark

    Congrats to you and mark! 💕💕💕😘🤱🏻

  • 6w ago restteasy restteasy

    @sixvi.indd go troll somewhere else. Surrogacy is an amazing gift and if someone isn't able to carry their own child due to physical limitations they have the right to their options. This does not in any way classify as "anti feminist".

  • 6w ago viciousliz viciousliz

    @restteasy 👏🏼👏🏼

  • 6w ago lacalcaneo lacalcaneo

    @sarahcpalma Jajajajajaja que estupidez

  • 6w ago misstristameioh misstristameioh

    I wish I didn’t miss this!

  • 6w ago jay.zero13 jay.zero13

    Is the video on YouTube by chance? I am just seeing this post now and missed the story!!! 😔

  • 6w ago dunewitch dunewitch

    @sixvi.indd buying a womans body? I think you'll find this woman is willingly doing this and isnt being forced. And what is antifeminist about helping out you fellow woman when her body wont allow her to have a child?

  • 6w ago alex_mckibben alex_mckibben


  • 6w ago alex_mckibben alex_mckibben


  • 6w ago yellow_mystic_makeup yellow_mystic_makeup

    Красивые!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • 6w ago cleolazuli cleolazuli

    So beautiful! So very happy for you! Wishing nothing but the best, am sending all my light and love your way ♥️

  • 6w ago xthepaperdoll xthepaperdoll

    It's sad that people these days forget that gender is exactly that: what you're born with, at birth. You can't pick it and it can't ever be changed even if you feel otherwise. I feel I should have been born blonde and I do bleach my hair but my genes still make my hair grow in brown- just because I wish it were otherwise doesn't mean it is. You can't change what you were born with other than cosmetically. Congratulations Doe.

  • 6w ago xthepaperdoll xthepaperdoll

    Also what happened to people just being happy for each other rather than take every opportunity to fight needless battles about pointless crap? Surrogates have been around since the beginning of's really not anyone's place to have any kind of opinion on how children are born so long as nobody is harmed. This surrogate looks extremely happy.

  • 5w ago edinburd edinburd

    Ooooooh mmmyyyyy goooood!!!!! This is amazing!! Congratulations 💖💖💖💖💖

  • 5w ago i_govno_ i_govno_


  • 5w ago nicoleklepper nicoleklepper

    This is the best!!!

  • 5w ago

    Ну и правильно 😘. Поздравляю, искренне, будьте все здоровы и радуйтесь жизни!

  • 5w ago msccnugget msccnugget


  • 5w ago shiera_seastar shiera_seastar

    Glad to see it's a friend who's doing this for you. Usually it is rich women paying very poor women to be surrogates and they don't have many options or choice and makes me sad because it's like using them as portable wombs :'( But being an independent woman with no economic trouble and a family and doing a favor to a friend... Well that is definitely something.

  • 5w ago janne85_ janne85_

    @msccnugget awe how cute!!

  • 5w ago parksnclayboutique parksnclayboutique


  • 5w ago run_on_glucose run_on_glucose

    So many kids in foster care and you hire a surrogate? 🙄 So fucking selfish

  • 5w ago run_on_glucose run_on_glucose

    @dunewitch It's environmentally irresponsible as fuck, especially with the amount of children in the foster care system in our country alone (to speak nothing of the rest of the world). Honestly it's downright immoral, selfish, and irresponsible to hire a surrogate right now.

  • 5w ago dunewitch dunewitch

    @run_on_glucose fuck off. Actually.

  • 5w ago linna_kay linna_kay

    Дай бог вам здоровье и радости ❤️

  • 5w ago eeverr__ eeverr__

    I’m not judging you for having a child via surrogate, and I completely understand why, it’s just that there is such an outrageous number of children who need to be adopted. But congrats.

  • 5w ago run_on_glucose run_on_glucose

    @dunewitch Then don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answers

  • 4w ago king.ebritt king.ebritt

    ugh yikes

  • 3w ago nanateria_nanlong.haus_of_sand nanateria_nanlong.haus_of_sand

    Wow! Congratulations. 🍀💕🍀💕🍀💕🍀💕🍀

  • 2w ago aph_.ro_.dite aph_.ro_.dite

    @run_on_glucose how many kids do you have in your care? I have one named kaiden within our family.

  • 2w ago sixvi.indd sixvi.indd

    @dunewitch i would like to know how many women would do surrogacy without getting paid. Using money as an exange isn't freedom, is poverty (i'm always against the buyer, never the woman who carry the baby). Yall have to stop being so liberal tbfh

  • 2w ago mommaswirl88 mommaswirl88

    @kailaqueenofhearts agree! People are so annoying and rude.

  • 2w ago run_on_glucose run_on_glucose

    @aph_.ro_.dite just two for now!

  • 2w ago run_on_glucose run_on_glucose

    @babyduckface *devolve ;)

  • 2w ago jenevaj jenevaj

    Any other way to watch your videos if we missed the live ones?

  • 2w ago thecandnshow thecandnshow

    So lovely 💕😍👍

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