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I don’t know who this guy is, and even though his mind is twisted and skewed I wish him no ill will. Just know that there are certain people who are so demented and morally bankrupt that they would advocate the hanging of law abiding, free citizens. We can’t fix this cultural issue by keeping quiet about outrageous comments such as this one. These men and women who claim to be soldiers for “human rights” and “safety” truly do not care about either of these things. It is clear that their agenda is not our safety. Live relentlessly, live free.🇺🇸
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A story in two images. I’m down for this plan advocated by Bart, if he’s the one rounding up Americans to be hung.
As an unrepentant gun owner I’ll be first! I hope he brings all his friends too, it’ll be a great time.


  • 6w ago jacobcrist31 jacobcrist31

    So do people not know that us being able to bear arms kept us from being invaded by japan in WW2? Enough said about being aloud to carry guns

  • 6w ago senojtahpot senojtahpot

    @jacobcrist31 that’s a great example! “Behind every blade of grass”. There are far too many good examples throughout history of why we have the right to keep and bear arms. I think a major issue is these days there are so many distractions that people are quick to forget, or never even learn history.

  • 6w ago jacobcrist31 jacobcrist31

    @senojtahpot very true brother

  • 6w ago gunownerdan gunownerdan

    People like him are are the reason why people like me love guns.

  • 6w ago anthonyjhawk anthonyjhawk

    Yeah pretty stupid how they call us law abiding citizens and the NRA terrorists and then instantly go on to say we should be executed

  • 6w ago

    He can come and kick in my door, try to drag me out of my house to hang me. He will find out real quick why we own guns.

  • 6w ago senojtahpot senojtahpot amen!🇺🇸

  • 6w ago dwood_lit dwood_lit

    People who have these kinds of opinions just don't believe in people. I can't imagine the lowly opinion you would have to have of your fellow man to think this would be beneficial to America. We let our police officers carry guns everywhere, including into schools because why? There trusted by the public?

  • 6w ago dwood_lit dwood_lit

    Why are we so untrustworthy? Why does the average American not turst their fellow Americans?

  • 6w ago senojtahpot senojtahpot

    @dwood_lit we’re not untrustworthy whatsoever, but politicians and “public figures” like this guy would like to convince the rest of America that we are. It’s a damn shame.

  • 6w ago dwood_lit dwood_lit

    It really is, and I don't understand the motivation behind it.

  • 6w ago earthquakezach earthquakezach


  • 6w ago jeremywashburn73 jeremywashburn73

    Just try it pansy boy

  • 6w ago senojtahpot senojtahpot

    @dwood_lit me neither. Can’t be good though. That’s why we have guns👍🏼

  • 6w ago zachgeorge95 zachgeorge95

    Soo... killing people by hanging isn’t worse than ownin a gun?? What kind of illogical idiot posts that shit

  • 6w ago libertygunbelts libertygunbelts

    Morally bankrupt sums this kind up perfectly.

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