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Yes, it’s true! Mark and I are having a BABY!!! 👶🏼🍼🌟 Watch yesterday’s Live about how we got here, and tune in today at 5pm PST to meet our surrogate. 😳🤰💕


  • 10w ago ijapancosplay ijapancosplay

    Congrats 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • 10w ago siberian_allen siberian_allen

    А почему именно суррогатное материнство?

  • 10w ago pink_b1ack pink_b1ack


  • 10w ago laryssa.santos96 laryssa.santos96

    Omg!! 👼💕

  • 10w ago 0hnopoe11 0hnopoe11


  • 10w ago sarahcpalma sarahcpalma

    @xjulieteguns en la descripción lo dice, surrogate es como se le dice al vientre de alquiler

  • 10w ago makeuptalk makeuptalk


  • 10w ago allisonelisabeth95 allisonelisabeth95

    Congratulations girly!!!!! So very excited for you!!!!!

  • 10w ago aurafy_ aurafy_

    Oh WOW! Congratulations mama, it’s a wild ride 😘

  • 10w ago xjulieteguns xjulieteguns

    @sarahcpalma gracias!! Y ha contado los motivos?

  • 10w ago adribuchele adribuchele


  • 10w ago emmateichrieb emmateichrieb

    Поздравляю ❤❤❤❤ ДЕТИ это самый дорогой подарок жизни ❤❤❤❤

  • 10w ago madison.e.daigle madison.e.daigle

    @doedeere okay so I was watching your live Instagram video announcing who the surrogate is and a conversation come up on if you were gunna do a collection based of the baby and I think you should release a foundation because everyone is obsessed with having baby smooth skin and I feel like if you created a foundation line it would be a perfect fit and I would definitely buy it with out a doubt! (I know it’s a long shot that you’ll read my comment buttons worth a try😊😊😊😊😊 also CONGRATS!!!! Mother good is a very beautiful thing to experience)

  • 10w ago fireflypath fireflypath

    I just watched your stream with Cassie! Im so happy for you, Mark, and Cassie!! The three of you can only produce something amazing together! I can’t wait to see you as a mother Doe 💕

  • 10w ago angelthegypsy_ angelthegypsy_

    Arhhhh! Congratulations! Most fashionable baby out! 😍😍😍

  • 10w ago alexh86 alexh86

    Congratulations 🤩 hope you feel good 🍀🙏🏼

  • 10w ago rindyland rindyland

    I watched your live video, congratulations! 👶🏼 🍼🎀

  • 10w ago touchoflipstick touchoflipstick

    Congrats! 😘✨

  • 10w ago georgia_jenkinson georgia_jenkinson

    Congrats hun you will be amazing Mum so happy for both of you 🌸💖🦄👶🏼 @doedeere

  • 10w ago xyglo xyglo

    Боже, я так люблю вас и вашу семью! Вы просто потрясающие люди, я очень очень вас поздравляю, вы будете просто потрясающими родителями для своего ребёнка! 🦄🦄💓

  • 10w ago ludivine.blanc ludivine.blanc


  • 10w ago etaf.yasin etaf.yasin

    Congratulate 👶👶👶

  • 10w ago ms.ameliacrowder_xo ms.ameliacrowder_xo


  • 10w ago valentina_caipirinha valentina_caipirinha

    Congrats @doedeere love love love 💜💛💚💙❤️💗💖💝💓

  • 10w ago thekawaiiod thekawaiiod

    How you got here? I think we know already 😂

  • 10w ago sarahcpalma sarahcpalma

    @xjulieteguns hizo un en vivo para explicar, pero no lo vi

  • 10w ago abayomi_diana abayomi_diana

    Congrats. I am having a baby too 💜💙

  • 10w ago sylvizanya sylvizanya


  • 10w ago faithisonmyside faithisonmyside

    Why have a surrogate mother tho ? Why not just be pregnant?

  • 10w ago lizness66 lizness66

    @faithisonmyside usually women who use surrogates cannot get pregnant—that is a very personal and kinda rude question

  • 10w ago faithisonmyside faithisonmyside

    @lizness66 lmao I don’t really think you have to not be able to get pregnant in order to have a surrogate. I’d imagine some people would want to have a child but not have to through the complications of it. It wasn’t meant to be rude but as you can tell I know very little about these maternal options, I was just curious into why.....

  • 10w ago antonina_perfileva antonina_perfileva


  • 10w ago emconbe208 emconbe208

    Congratulations!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 10w ago ashliekthomas128 ashliekthomas128

    congrats it's a beautiful thing!! so exciting baby's are so cute an tiny I love when they are newborns

  • 9w ago auroragalarzamakeup auroragalarzamakeup

    Congratulations!! Best wishes 👶🏻🍼❤️

  • 9w ago shienlee shienlee

    Congratulations babe!

  • 9w ago gabriellamariexoxo18 gabriellamariexoxo18

    I found out I'm expecting to ! God bless @doedeere life is beautiful

  • 8w ago robbiestarduzt robbiestarduzt

    Omg why am I just now seeing this? Congrats ❤️❤️

  • 6w ago thecandnshow thecandnshow

    Loving your content !

  • 6w ago avas_paws_2 avas_paws_2

    So excited for you!!!! You're gonna be great mama! Fawn would be a cute name wouldn't it?

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