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    It looks like a red bird, dancing.

  • 10w ago angelia2u2 angelia2u2

    Dancing to joy bells ringing. I have a granddaughter that will do great in a role call Tyler, her name is Madison.

  • 10w ago diyadiya620 diyadiya620

    Blessings! If the birds come around the same time check the time it could be symbolic maybe it's your mom 😊

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  • 10w ago msjaimie111 msjaimie111

    It's all in how you see it, feel it, perceive it 🙏👼

  • 10w ago hiddenps91 hiddenps91

    Monitoring spirit!

  • 10w ago 818dez 818dez

    check out this video.

  • 10w ago manidave10 manidave10

    @akeemsreid love it.

  • 10w ago akeemsreid akeemsreid

    @manidave10 ☺️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • 10w ago selfish_lexx selfish_lexx

    It's a fan 🤣🤣

  • 9w ago mamaknowstea mamaknowstea

    Keep trusting in GOD HE LET’S us know he and his son is REAL he uses one of his loves to let us no he fills the love in your heart for other .that (BIRD).is his ,,thereof communicating .with you .i got child when I saw that that bird knocking at your 🚪 REMEMBER when he knocked.

  • 9w ago mamaknowstea mamaknowstea

    JUST kEEP THE OPEN MIND THAT he,they gave you it,s only love giving back.he give we RECEIVE..... LOVE YOU thanks for charring your Gifts with meeeeeeee.!!!😇😇🤩..

  • 9w ago andrea_renee206 andrea_renee206

    I remember right before my mom went home to be with the Lord I walked over to her bedside at the hospital to try to attempt to feed her once more and a dove came and sat at the window. Other family members had witnessed it and told me about this dove that would visit my mom and I know God wanted me to witness it myself. I believe It was for me to release her and have assurance that I would see her again one day!!!

  • 9w ago lindarhamilton lindarhamilton

    Ty it an bird it can't fry something wrong with it

  • 9w ago livviekait livviekait

    Birds can’t see glass so it was probably thinking “What’s goin on here?”😂

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    #JustFlyAndDance 😹😹 #Happiness #Enjoy 😻😻

  • 8w ago they_love_kits they_love_kits

    Let it in

  • 8w ago oneinamillion2016 oneinamillion2016

    I want to come in help I are you home? Lol man I see you.

  • 8w ago beauti_ismy beauti_ismy

    @tylerperry I haven’t a clue, but if Madea sees can bet you’ll never see that bird again😂😂 #loveyoutylerperry

  • 8w ago queenkayla2019_senior queenkayla2019_senior

    That is a symbol of joy the way it is hopping up and down it is joyful

  • 8w ago ladydianna1 ladydianna1

    Hello yes me and my sister know exactly what it means come to New David Baptist Church tomorrow on Milton and federal student in Baltimore Maryland at 10 am if you can't make it here's my number and we will explain it to you because we know 🙏

  • 7w ago chesterrb_ chesterrb_

    Hey Mr.Perry I’m a 19 year old gospel singer from New orleans who’s trying to make a living for my family. Check me out, God bless you man & keep doing great things. I pray that we can work together one day. 🙏🏾

  • 6w ago platinum_vip_esthetician platinum_vip_esthetician

    Whoever it is allow them into your ❤...? Into that intimate space that makes you feel the most vurnable. They love you and will keep trying.. My Mother would always show me the signs of the earth... Blessings

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    @tylerperry Mr Perry, could you please read the private messages I sent you? It is of grave importance, time is of the essence. Thank you for your time. @tyler.perry.studios @acrimonymovie @tooclosetohometlc @oprah @gayleking

  • 5w ago martisanstyle6 martisanstyle6

    Is that a mother bird.. protecting her babies???

  • 4w ago anthonylawson190 anthonylawson190

    I am very late on this post, I was once told,if a 🐦 bird tries to get in, that's death trying to get in,in SC thee old folks said,if a bird gets in your home that means someone will die.Superstion, animal planet said they do not understand mirrors nor windows.

  • 3w ago cstein2011 cstein2011

    I am getting that bird is representative of someone in your life who has transitioned. They are trying desperately to get a message to you but you are so busy you are unable to sit quietly and meditate for too long to be able to hear. They said to tell you to push through with something that is particularly challenging for you right now. Don’t worry about it...God has your back. Don’t think so much... just do.

  • 3w ago elessiecole61 elessiecole61

    Of it's a red bird, my family always said it's a love one from Heaven.

  • 3w ago marlenadamsofficial marlenadamsofficial

    When a bird taps on your window it mean they are hungry and they know you have French fries....true story, dont debate me on this.

  • 3w ago lovearlethia lovearlethia

    Hi when the bird taps at your window it's saying that while your flying like a brid in the sky don't let all of the glitter block you from spending time with God in pray , living and walking in His ways as before He let you fly . God taps on our shoulder to remind us before it's too late ( Explains why else would a brid tap on your window if he was born to fly l

  • 2w ago queenalleycat421 queenalleycat421

    Is that a sparrow?

  • 2w ago blackextrasauce blackextrasauce

    The bird wants to be in your next movie @tylerperry he heard about you lol 😅 #actorsbelike

  • 2w ago shaun_jordan22 shaun_jordan22

    Its a fan 😂😂

  • 1w ago madear2me madear2me

    @mr.tylerperry I don't know why that bird knocks daily on your window but I would just Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you

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