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April is stress-awareness month and often we feel stressed when we step outside of our comfort zone, don't we? ⠀
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There are three main zones that we operate in - our comfort zone (everything is just dandy here but we're not learning or growing), our stretch zone (where we start doing something new, scary but stimulating too) and our panic zone (this is stretching us too far and makes us feel stressed out!). ⠀
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Clearly we need to step outside of out comfort zone to grab our goals... but how? ⠀
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Understanding your mindset, seeing the opportunities outside your comfort zone, assessing the real risks, disobeying your self-imposed rules, and being patient with yourself can get you started.⠀
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How do YOU conquer your comfort zone?⠀
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  • 36w ago eventsbyamende eventsbyamende

    Sometimes I'll just mentally list all the reasons why I should do it, break it down into smaller chunks (if I can) and take a little step each day. I love the book 'the big leap' as it really got me thinking about zones where I was.

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @eventsbyamende that's an awesome strategy 👌👌

  • 36w ago jenniferhamley jenniferhamley

    Oh my. Perfect post timing.
    I just joined a growth accelerator and went from comfort, to stretch yesterday (and felt good) then dived head first into panic and stress today. BUT, I was also given a journal as a welcome gift. It’s now my office anixiety and gratitude journal that I’ll keep here to sooth myself through those moments and get back into the stretch zone. Phew!! X

  • 36w ago mumsback mumsback

    Sometimes I just sod it & sign up for stuff....think about it later 😂 it’s worked for me so far. Just commit!

  • 36w ago indigo.minds indigo.minds

    Comfort zone is such a honey trap, isn’t it! I push myself out of my comfort zone by making a very public sometimes completely irrational pledge - like I had been thinking of setting up my blog for months and months since last year. And then 3 days before international women’s day I just announced it on Instagram and Facebook. That’s how my blog was launched. 😂🙈

  • 36w ago cambridge_payroll cambridge_payroll

    I really seem to achieve more when I come out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I really have to be brave but it’s normally worth it.

  • 36w ago josephinepbrooks josephinepbrooks

    I love this, it’s something I’m really trying to push! Making something you’re scared of doing into a routine seems to work for me but there’s always that painful/awkward but to start with but you’ve got to push through that I think! 🙌

  • 36w ago iamtrishabarker iamtrishabarker

    Nothing grows inside our comfort zone so beat to jump out with both feet. What’s the worst that can happen hey! 💗🙌🏻

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @jenniferhamley oh no! Sorry you're feeling that way but great strategy and how exciting too!

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @mumsback 🤣🤣🤣

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @indigo.minds Using social media to hold you accountable! Love it 😉

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @cambridge_payroll absolutely!

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @iamtrishabarker 👌👌👌

  • 36w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    @josephinepenelope yes! Taking small steps outside your comfort zone allows your brain to get comfortable with the challenge and knowing you can survive it 😉

  • 35w ago sandradonskyte sandradonskyte

    Hahaha reading this I feel like its been a long time I'm living in the stretch zone. Its great, but on some days I really want to just be in my comfort zone 😄

  • 35w ago michellereevescoaching michellereevescoaching

    Totally get that @sandradonskyte and it's important to give your soul that rest sometimes by looking back to remember how far you've come and how much you've achieved x

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