Instagram post by @lakegirlonline55 Kim Valentine

Thank you, Cat Rains, @thehotelartist , for this lovely piece that blesses my home. It reads, "I am the one that knows.. you can do this. Your steps are guided and the path ahead is better than your wildest dreams."
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Today I signed up for a mentored program with Kevin @dreamlifecatalyst . I've been searching for answers ( and the right questions,) as I feel another big change coming in my life. Sixty is in my near future and I want to make darn sure I don't work my years away, and blink and I'm eighty years old. It's time to dream big and co-create the life I have always wanted. I told Kevin that only last month I became aware of him (in a DM recommendation from Chariss @charissbfree ,) and there were too many coincidences to ignore this opportunity. God has been knocking on my door, and I believe this program will help me define my goals and keep me on track to achieve them.


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