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    Or you could instead just leave the calves with their own mums as nature intended @blingblingbitch8888 @blissfulvegan.s @luke_ireland92 @dairy_is_scary

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    @marie.0023 , of course the nature’s way is always to prefer. But when living in a world where dairy products have a big demand we know dairy products will be consumed no matter how it is produced. What we have developed is a calf rearing system which is as close to the nature as possible. In the wild the calves never stay in their own manure, they always move away. Our concept is developed with the thoughts of “going back to the nature”. As the animals cannot over vast areas in the barn and move away from their own manure, we instead move the floor to create an environment as good as possible. We can never create a natural pasture but we can do as good as we can with soft flooring and bedding that are automatically cleaned 15 times per day to increase the hygiene for the animals.

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    Lol dairy products cause illnesses like cancer, obesity, osteoporosis and cancer proven over and over again by researchers. Dairy is not only unnecessary but very cruel. More and more humans are seeing the truth and switching to cruelty free alternatives and there are many. @marie.0023 cleaning bedding, hygiene, caring for the animal only to use them and ultimately kill them makes no sense at all

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    @blissfulvegan.s thank you for tagging me Hun, I didn't see the original response come through.... it's a sad state of affairs when a company invests so much time and effort in to trying to "clean up" an industry that is inherently flawed, brutal and literally dying in the commercial sense. Dairy has only survived this long due to global subsidisation and multimillion$ marketing campaigns to hoodwink the consumer in to believing it's a healthy, natural and ethical product...when of course it can only truly be those things if the dairy cow is left alone with her calf and the calf is allowed to actually drink the milk that's biologically created for him/her! - with no commercial farming and no selfish consumers of dairy involved... next they'll be creating a moving floor to carry calves to the kill line!!...smh.... #vegan #iliveonaformerdairyfarm

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