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#fakemondaymotivation: flat bench rep PB and choosing your pre workout meal 🍫
A few takeaways from this video:
1. My mum is incredible.. but also a little bit mental. Not sure if she’s weirder because of her actions at the end or because she’s spotting me benching 130kg 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔 2. I’m 12 weeks out and benching 130kg for a rep PB.. by about 5 reps 🙏🏼 strength continues to move up and I really want to stress the importance of your pre-workout nutrition to ensure you are getting THE BEST out of yourself when you get to the gym. This is obviously important in the off season, but when you’re prepping it can become more challenging, and therefore I’d say requires more deliberation 🤔
The fact of the matter is if begin to step back on your training, and begin getting weaker and regressing on your reps or weights, you WILL lose tissue. No amount of protein (optimal or not) will save muscle tissue if you stop offering it the same or new stimuli. You will lose tissue that you have worked HARD to gain.
So as for your meal: choose something that doesn’t bloat you, or make you feel overly flatulent- neither of these feelings are good ones when you want to hit a PB. Ensure the meal has ample protein and carbs to fuel your workout. I also add dark chocolate most days- the fat will help to slow down the rate at which your burn through the carbs. Dark chocolate has been shown (albeit potentially not overwhelmingly) to help promote blood flow- i.e. better pump 🙌🏼

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