Instagram post by @lakegirlonline55 Kim Valentine

Thrilled to have another of the "big" days in the restaurant business concluded. #red #sevenhundreddinners #igcloseups


  • 28w ago charissbfree charissbfree

    ❤❤❤ you made me giggle

  • 28w ago thehotelartist thehotelartist

    Glad another big day is over for you Kim. Gorgeous shot!

  • 28w ago lakegirlonline55 lakegirlonline55

    @charissbfree I had 6 versions to choose from and tried to do the one that said "this is a flower" the most

  • 28w ago charissbfree charissbfree

    The flower is STUNNING, I don't think you can do not stunning photography wise...your words made me giggle, not your gorgeous image, because they are simple, positive and yet candid at the same time. (may just be me Kim, I am kinda wierd) xx

  • 28w ago lakegirlonline55 lakegirlonline55

    @charissbfree Chariss, I think it could look like a butt hole....

  • 28w ago charissbfree charissbfree

    @lakegirlonline55 not in my was flower flowering my was the 700dinners and the business concluded that set me of.


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