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Justice for y’all


  • 20w ago natep760 natep760

    Go figure snoop dogg is a ignorant, uneducated (mf can’t even out a sentence together it’s pitiful) misinformed. Do research on the law in Tennessee then speak.

  • 20w ago natep760 natep760

    @natep760 oh yeah and Trump Kanye 2020 loser

  • 20w ago willyrke willyrke

    @rickdiculous____ don’t even compare my race to you. I am hispanic and u caucasian. Enf

  • 20w ago fiendishfrank fiendishfrank

    @tiarar0se then he will be arrested, that's what happens when you don't show up to court. White people always show up

  • 20w ago tiarar0se tiarar0se

    @fiendishfrank if you say so

  • 20w ago fiendishfrank fiendishfrank

    @tiarar0se if you actually read the news, you would see that this guy's bond was withheld, so it's not even a true statement. Racism is at an all time high because of black people. Just look at Kanye, a black man supports our white president and you all dissown him? That's the definition of racism! There were so many white celebrities that supported Obama, the white celebrities that didn't support him, didn't hate on the other ones for liking a black man! It's just disgusting, you guys are the problem but nobody will say that, because if they do then they are racist. Because of the past, you've been given a free pass to say whatever you want, but then when you get arrested or in trouble you claim it's only cause you are black.

  • 20w ago tiarar0se tiarar0se

    @fiendishfrank to even say racism is at an all time high because of one race is ignorance. I’m not even about to debate with someone who thinks the way you do

  • 20w ago fiendishfrank fiendishfrank

    @tiarar0se honestly, the way your people think is the problem right now. You were mistreated back in the day so now you think you have the right to go and say whatever you like, and it seems to be the case!

  • 20w ago rickdiculous____ rickdiculous____

    @willyrke what in the actual fuck are you cryint about? No where in my 2 sentences did i make any comparisons... retard.

  • 20w ago rickdiculous____ rickdiculous____

    @willyrke take that hispanic ass to fucking school and learn to read.

  • 20w ago willyrke willyrke

    @rickdiculous____ boy don’t get angry. I feel ya

  • 20w ago rickdiculous____ rickdiculous____

    @willyrke i dont think you do considering you clearly dont know what i said

  • 20w ago wb_el_wb wb_el_wb

    He’s out lol

  • 20w ago rylandeed rylandeed

    It was revoked

  • 20w ago 23mnm702 23mnm702

    @darealciroc same in Nevada. No bonds on probation violations EVER

  • 20w ago darealciroc darealciroc

    @garyowencomedy at least in nj, all probation violations are NO BAIL WARRANTS ... fake news, I’m sure meek def had a bail on the original charge... this is fake ness

  • 20w ago samantha1peek samantha1peek

    @cheyyyyyenne hey I didn’t have a bond and I was in there for a misdemeanor soooo 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 20w ago playcurrency playcurrency

    Thanks 4 Beeing able to have financial ffreedom and open mind (to fight for a cause) #Statue4Snoop

  • 20w ago kris_biscuit06 kris_biscuit06

    Why do people think they can come on this page and dictate to big snoop dogg what he should and should not post? Just fuck off if you don’t like it. (1 Love and respect @snoopdogg)

  • 20w ago barrett_baxter barrett_baxter

    BOND 😤 tf

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @the.dust.king do you have proof other the your " I'm white & I say so " logic?

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @connorheath93 it's funny how you play this card that's whites came up with btw while complaining about another using it. Irony at its finest and you come underneath snoop shit to talk shit about blacks just unfollow this is the problem with whites in hip-hop in general in your mind you whites that we even and blacks are suppose to get over slavery but will never fix your lips to tell the Jews to get over the holocaust or tell the Irish or Italians or even the Japanese to get over nah fuck whites

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @p_slagle90 why they were white?

  • 20w ago blessed252000 blessed252000

    And yes, that IS wrong (in theory)....But there is never bond on a probation or parole violation anywhere in the country.

  • 20w ago the.dust.king the.dust.king

    @cali_n_word yes cause im not white first off and second off its actually proof that he did violate probation

  • 20w ago connorheath93 connorheath93

    @cali_n_word lol you’re Fucking stupid

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @connorheath93 you should watch your mouth

  • 20w ago connorheath93 connorheath93

    @cali_n_word lol or what? You’re an ignorant waste of space on this earth. Look at you

  • 20w ago glitter_galaxy_queen glitter_galaxy_queen

    @javid_javid104303 you ever heard of freedom of speech? I do not agree with him but this is America and people are entitled to their own opinion and beliefs and they can say whatever they want

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @connorheath93 'm not going back and fourth with cuz I will really leave your body stiff that's or what

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @connorheath93 and your scary add profile is private. Fucking clown

  • 20w ago ermakrom ermakrom

    @connorheath93 I really have problem with you I'm on God cuz you talkin kind of crazy and your shit is on private and you ask me or what what the fuck you think you going to motherfuking do you ain't going to do them God damn thing all bulldoze your bitch ass and my shit is not private

  • 20w ago angelaabcd812 angelaabcd812

    I hope they you go

  • 20w ago jakealika_ jakealika_

    @_concentratedfarms_ exactly. Lol. Snoop trippin. Doesn't even know what he's talking bout. He need to jus stop makin himself look so uneducated

  • 19w ago jake_llfm jake_llfm

    @maxx.galvan_ lmao snoop dog wack now

  • 19w ago culpablex1 culpablex1

    Fuck meek

  • 19w ago culpablex1 culpablex1

    I got booked ain't get a bond either regular people who aren't famous go thru the real shit 2 these white people ain't the only ones getting away with shit foh meek and Wayne- celeb clout for blacks , government got white people, who got everybody else. Don't isolate yall selves bcus motherfuckers ain't always the victim

  • 19w ago culpablex1 culpablex1

    I sold drugs and cant get that shit erased or goto a college based on my race bcus I ain't black or white so fuck white people problems and black people problems . Talk about broke people problems. There's way more of us then y'all

  • 19w ago raine1979 raine1979

    Embarrassed to be weak minded, brainwashed individual you are... to believe a meme on IG that the racist @snoopdogg put up ugh 🤦🤦🤦🤦😒


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