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the concepts of home and space are ideas that i've been sensitive to for as long as i can remember.
i'm extremely influenced by my environment.

i recall staying with someone when i was little and being truly depressed because their house was so dark and sad feeling. i remember, young as i was, telling my Mom how i couldn't stand being there due to the lack of sunlight and dark aesthetics making me lethargic and unhappy.

another snapshot of my childhood is remembering how chaotic i felt in regards to my possessions. i had so much stuff and so little semblance of rhyme or reason to how it was all stored. i remember this pivotal moment of being 13 and deciding to be better at taking care of my things. as i progressed into my teenage years i remember being extremely organized and labeling things and knowing (despite the mass amount of possessions i had) exactly where everything was.

both things are still true of me now. i am still easily influenced by my environments and i have to create small anchors of peace and beauty in my world even if it's just putting on a certain kind of music, lighting a candle, using a well designed tool or organizing the things on a table to be just-so.
i still know exactly where all of my possessions reside, though i am striving daily to lessen the amount of them. i am very close to being able to say that everything i own i either find to be useful or inherently beautiful. everything i own has a story. because i am so in love with stories. i want to own what i own for a reason. not just-because.

as i'm getting older, and my friends are buying houses and putting roots down more permanently and contractually, i am again thinking about what it means to live in a space. what it means to call a place home.
i have little desire to own a home in the traditional sense at this point in my life. though i have untraditional ideas on the subject. but i do love nesting and cultivating things that make me happy and feeling at home in a space of my own making.

i crave simplicity in my life.
i've translated that through Slow Living and Zero Waste and Minimalism and a number of other millennial key phrases, but(continued in comments)


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