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15 years ago today... @madonna tells Matt Lauer how nervous she is, just before her in-store performance and album signing at Tower Records in NYC #madonna #madonnatv #americanlife #americanshite #kabbalah #guyritchie #towerrecords #mattlauer


  • 21w ago felicepricam felicepricam

    I saw the hmv london one. She was unbelievable amazing. Would so love to see that on video!!

  • 21w ago danielkwinterfeldt danielkwinterfeldt

    This was an epic show! I saw this and the HMV one. 🖤🖤🖤

  • 21w ago madonnatv madonnatv

    @felicepricam Was there too. Amazing! Will be posting lots about that on the anniversary. The show is out there btw

  • 21w ago felicepricam felicepricam

    @madonnatv really!! Not on YouTube though! Can’t wait to see your instagrams for 3rd may think it was! She really was so amazing. Her speech was one of the most moving moments of my life ❤️

  • 21w ago creamysmoothpopicongoddess creamysmoothpopicongoddess

    so sad that we have to look at this with sexual abuser matt lauer in it.

  • 21w ago o.g.pops o.g.pops

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  • 21w ago justinstarzjdna justinstarzjdna

    @sean70267 @madonnashade she looked amazing here. So natural.

  • 21w ago this_is_adrienn this_is_adrienn

    "I can't remember the words of my own song." Hahaha she is co cute.😊😄😁


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