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What is your favorite Frito-Lay snack and what do you love about it? #snacks #favorites


  • 9w ago nathaliaabreu16 nathaliaabreu16

    Frito-Lay dominicana es un robo, los empaques que adquirimos llegan casi vacíos... es el colmo que uno es vez de comprar un producto estamos comprando aire en una funda 🤦🏻‍♀️😑😑😑 @fritolay

  • 9w ago alayyychavez alayyychavez

    Make Tapatio puffs!

  • 8w ago timsbrannan timsbrannan

    Anything with that Flammin' Hot spicy on it!

  • 8w ago xavierb96 xavierb96

    That Poppin’ and Lacin’ though 🤞🏽

  • 8w ago lyzandraortega lyzandraortega

    Hot cheetos and Lemon Layyys

  • 7w ago rina30523 rina30523

    Bring back 3d Doritos

  • 7w ago itspascha itspascha

    Now that's just beautiful

  • 7w ago ffks12 ffks12

    Asteroids bring them back

  • 7w ago privatecrush privatecrush

    @fritolay so can we get the Guacamole Flavor Lays Back?

  • 7w ago _.matt.d._ _.matt.d._

    Cape cod chips >>>>>>>> lays kettle cooked

  • 7w ago tjeremiah1 tjeremiah1

    @mic_mariah good job stocking them 🤣🤣

  • 7w ago mic_mariah mic_mariah

    @tjeremiah1 yolo lol it’s easy as hell 🤣 I’m not trippen

  • 7w ago tjeremiah1 tjeremiah1

    @mic_mariah exactly get me a job lol

  • 7w ago mic_mariah mic_mariah

    @tjeremiah1 we’re not hiring rn it’s so random when they hire but I barely got in give me some time to get cool with the managers lol and it’s not up to me to get you in it’s a process like first it’s automated phone systems and then they see if you qualify then it’s two interviews background checks and then you get in after the final interview. It took me like 2 months to get in.

  • 7w ago its.sam.bby its.sam.bby

    The hot Cheetos taste different now. They are thin and hard. 🤮

  • 6w ago glb9331 glb9331

    Used to love plain Doritos!! What’s with doing away with them???? Bring them back please!!!

  • 6w ago kraigkraig kraigkraig

    @fritolay Great Co To Work For, I was a Route Salesman in the Mid 90’s In L.A.

  • 6w ago hq198777 hq198777

    We see what u doin. Filling them up with air. We don't air we want corn or potato chips!!! 🔫 skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka. Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu- pudrrrr-boom. Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun. Poom, poom

  • 5w ago bjam.98 bjam.98

    So y’all really out here handing out 60% air and 40% chips????

  • 5w ago bjam.98 bjam.98

    I feel played 😪

  • 5w ago bjam.98 bjam.98

    Y’all should’ve seen my face when I opened these chips fr 😒

  • 5w ago bjam.98 bjam.98

    This worse than getting cheated on smh I’m going to off brand chips🚪🚶🏽‍♀️

  • 5w ago fritolayturkiye fritolayturkiye

    Takıp edin sayfa yeni

  • 5w ago twicehexed twicehexed


  • 5w ago theefelicia_bee theefelicia_bee

    Doritos 3rd Degree burn 🙌

  • 4w ago adore_lay adore_lay

    Air in your bags

  • 4w ago danessa_baez26 danessa_baez26

    Buenas noches , que es lo que está pasando que últimamente están hechandole mucha sal a las papitas mofongo, porfavor tengan un poco más de consideración, eso no se puede comer, gracias.

  • 4w ago natezeditz natezeditz

    Wow... that's a lot of chips....

  • 2w ago andy.saucy andy.saucy

    limon lays are the best and thhe hot doritos

  • 2w ago lisa921407 lisa921407


  • 2w ago aimmstaaa aimmstaaa

    BBQ Fritos!!!! Please bring them back

  • 2w ago traciehardy traciehardy

    Wavy Ranch

  • 1w ago shawboogey shawboogey

    family size for 2.50 👀

  • 1w ago americagrip americagrip

    You should make all the different chip flavors into matching infinity stone designs for marketing during the release of the next Avengers movie!! We already know Captain America likes cool ranch so that’s your space Stone already for marketing👍🇺🇸

  • 1w ago rah.rakim rah.rakim

    Wow @fritolay cares not bout the spoiled dip my kids consumed or the damage it caused

  • 5d ago muerella_volleyball muerella_volleyball

    @frito253 BTW my mom told me to do this I am so sorry

  • 5d ago frito253 frito253

    @muerella_volleyball LOL! Because your mom is weak!!! Chili cheese Fritos!!! DUHHH!!!!

  • 5d ago kennyr47 kennyr47

    It's about time there's lightly salted variety of Lays Classic potato chips. Please make a lightly salted Nacho Cheese Doritos! Or bring back Nacho Cheese Tostitos, which didn't have the excessive dust Doritos seem to have come to.

  • 10h ago ivan_eatin_pizza ivan_eatin_pizza

    Where them asteroids at tho?

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