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Guess who’s finally potty trained?! Maddox has been great about peeing in the toilet, but it has taken THREE MONTHS for this kid to poop in the dang thing. I’ve cleaned up a whole lotta turds since January... but a week ago, HE ACHIEVED THE IMPOSSIBLE! We’ve had no diapers and no misplaced poops since last Monday, so I’m calling it official. There was a lot of singing, dancing, popsicle consumption, staying up late, and general tomfoolery to celebrate. #FinallyPottyTrained #HallelujahAmen #HalvingMyDiaperBill


  • 16w ago christas13 christas13

    Woot woot!

  • 16w ago ncl0ver ncl0ver

    Congrats!!! What finally worked for him??!! We are in the same boat over here.. started January 1st and still throwing out/cleaning out the undies every day at least twice usually 😖😖😖😖 I’m very happy for you! Send any tricks my way 😭

  • 16w ago amytcornett amytcornett

    @ncl0ver I wish I knew what finally made him do it! He had almost 4 days where he didn’t go number 2 AT ALL and then all of the sudden, he wanted to try. I think he had a stomach ache from keeping it in for so long and knew he’d feel better if he got it out. Sorry I don’t have any magic tips!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️


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