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If you don’t have a #disability, what you think about it or how you think about #disabled people is largely a result of your lived experience. Either the people you know or the #media you consume. I'm not just talking about #tv or #socialmedia but all forms of popular culture that shape us and dictate our #values and #opinions. 🤔
We can’t change the #people you know but we can do something about the #media you consume to ensure there is a more accurate #representation of people with disability. 👍
That means two things: 1) Including more people with disabilities in #popularculture (not just in documentaries about #hospitals). We make up 20% of the population so our screens need to reflect our streets. 2) Not misrepresenting disabled people as victims or other narrow #stereotypes - Attitude Foundation Ltd has provided a list of these examples and I’ll pop a link in my bio.
To be honest with you, I'm a little tired of repeating myself. It's time for #bigbusiness to step up. ☺
Credit to those brands like @targetaus and others who are creating change and not just talking about #adinclusion but DOING it. ❤
Ok, that's all from me. I'm flying to Sydney next week and will be geeking out on more of this stuff! Hope you all have a great weekend! 😘

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  • 13w ago trj976 trj976

    Beautiful picture!!

  • 13w ago rachelleglendon rachelleglendon

    Absolutely hun, thanks for talking about this stuff! There certainly isn’t enough diversity in media. Also, I love this photo of you! xx

  • 13w ago salblanshard salblanshard

    @_fidescook_ of interest

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    Looking chic 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • 13w ago divaheadwraps divaheadwraps

    Looking very chic Queen 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • 13w ago jamies_cp_journey jamies_cp_journey

    Perfectly summed up 😊

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    💐è una gioia viverla, ma anche condividerla 💐

  • 13w ago georgina_g_a georgina_g_a

    Totalmente de acuerdo, Lisa! #YoTambiénSoyDiferente #Imalsodifferent

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    Absolutely, gorgeous

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    Stunning Lisa

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    Bênção Béla Abençoada mulher guerreira

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  • 13w ago robydolce13 robydolce13

    I've never dated anyone with a physical challenge but because of your message, I'm not going to put anymore limits on my heart. Thank you ❤

  • 13w ago j_p_thompson j_p_thompson

    Thank you!! ✌️

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    PRETTY 😍💋

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  • 12w ago skargardsfin skargardsfin

    I couldn’t agree more 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 My son needs to see that he’s not alone, we are all the same ❤️ Beautiful inside out!! Xxx

  • 12w ago wheel_to_reel wheel_to_reel

    Well said. One question I often ask groups I have spoken to...In the course of your day, how many of you have directly done business with an individual living with a disability, specifically, one you can see? Rarely do any hands get raised. After this, I go deeper. Martin Luther King realized something very important, something we have to remind our leaders of. Without gainful employment, without enough income to leave us with extra, we never truly have a full hold onto our civil rights. Participation is key.

  • 12w ago nathanmaher4233 nathanmaher4233

    Looking so elegant & absolutely stunning Lisa. 💋

  • 12w ago v.price7048 v.price7048

    Such a wonderful message, & beautiful photo of you Lisa ❇️💖❇️ 👏 🕊☮️🕊

  • 12w ago

    @wheel_to_reel I couldn't agree more and participation at all levels.

  • 12w ago

    @skargardsfin and all the kids around him need to realise that as well xx

  • 12w ago

    Thanks @rachelleglendon - yeah it's a little quiet sometimes ☺💜

  • 12w ago

    @chicozphotography fortunately it was more than just talk! 😃

  • 12w ago

    Hey ☺ You don't have to have a disability to create awareness and change public attitudes 💜 It sounds like you may be doing something similar with your infertility experience. That's really great xx

  • 12w ago

    @ckaradjov hope I got your details right in the next one!

  • 12w ago ckaradjov ckaradjov, yup!

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    Oh. Definitely deaf girl.😰😰😸😸🆒

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    Quanta elegância e beleza.

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  • 8w ago lancelots.lassitude lancelots.lassitude

    Id never considered this point. Seems every show now has to have a mixed race couple, a transvestite, an alcoholic, a fat but energetically happy person etc etc but yes, where is the person with a serilus disability. Now and again there is an amputee, who is almost always a veteran and likely capable of kung fu or something despite this. But there isnt all that much of regular joe and his or her disability across many of the tv series I can think of. You are quite right to feel it should be otherwise, I agree.

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    You’re amazing! We’d love to receive your story. Dm for more info! ❤️🙏

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